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351 Dura-Tone Matte Delrin

Delrin, created by DuPont, is strong, resilient, and extremely durable. These picks are die-cut and tumbled for a smooth, rounded edge resistant to chipping. Matte finish improves grip, even after hours of playing. Often called the Fender pick, the 351 shape is the pick most associated with Fender. A wider body and a rounded tip have made this pick a favorite with players of every style.

These durable picks are crafted from extruded Delrin, come in several classic Fender colors, and feature a matte finish for improved grip. Long-lasting and durable, Delrin has a stiffer feel than celluloid, which gives a strong, well-defined attack to every stroke. The 351 shape is Fender's most popular and works well for any musical genre and has a traditional feel. These picks are available in the gauges Fender used in the late-‘70s.
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