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Single Mandolin Family Strings

D'Addario Mandolin Family Single Strings
GHS Mandolin Family Single Strings
John Pearse Mandolin Single Strings
Thomastik-Infeld Mandolin Single Strings
Our single mandolin strings are manufactured for peak performance by the leaders in the industry. From Austrian producer Thomastik-Infeld, we have their tin-plated silver steel strings that are flat wound with a chrome steel wire wrap (the E string is plain tin-plated steel). These highly elastic and durable strings will give your mandolin a clear, brilliant tone. GHS Strings offers mandolin strings in a variety of materials for different tonal qualities. Bright Bronze will give you the brightest sound. Phosphor bronze is slightly less bright, but will maintain the tone for a longer time. For a drier, more woody sound, try their Silk and Steel or the longer-lasting Silk and Bronze. For magnetic pickups, use their stainless steel strings. Other single mandolin strings we sell include D'Aquisto stainless steel, John Pearse phosphor bronze wound and plain steel, and several different kinds from D'Addario. These include bronze, nickel plated and flat tops.
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