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Mandocello Strings

Complete sets are listed in the sections below. Individual mandocello strings can be found in the Single Strings section.
Curt Mangan Mandocello Strings
D'Addario Mandocello Strings
Thomastik-Infeld Mandocello
GHS Warren Ellis Mandocello, .016 - .060, WE-MCE
Price: $9.58
Part of the mandolin family, the mandocello is an eight string instrument paired in four unison courses. Tuned in fifths like a mandolin, the mandocello is larger and tuned CC-GG-DD-AA. In essence, the mandocello is to the mandolin what the cello is to the violin. It is a bass member of a mandolin quartet, and mandocello tuning is actually the same as a cello. Popular in bluegrass, folk, classical and Celtic music, the mandocello has also been showcased by bands such as Bon Jovi and Drive-By Truckers. As a trusted source of hard-to-find instrument strings, we carry mandocello strings by leading manufacturers, such as D’Addario, La Bella, Thomastik-Infeld and Curt Mangan. For a bright yet full sounding tone, the D’Addario and La Bella strings feature phosphor bronze winding. The Thomasik-Infeld strings feature steel winding and produce a noticeably bright and ringing tone. To ensure customer satisfactions, we ship our mandocello strings quickly, and United States customers can expect their strings in two to four business days from ship date.
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