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Lyra Strings

D'Addario Lyra Strings
The Cretan lyra is a Greek bowed instrument and considered the closest related instrument to the Byzantine lyra, which is thought to be the ancestral instrument of many of Europe’s bowed instrument. Lyra strings are tuned G-D-A, and the instrument is played with a bow. As a trusted source for traditional, ethnic instrument strings, JustStrings.com carries only the best brands in string manufacturing. D’Addario’s Cretan lyra strings are designed in collaboration with professional players and to the specifications of the instrument’s pattern. The three, lyra strings are designed for an optimal tone and tension balance to capture the lyra’s traditional sound. The strings are flat wound for a warm, mellow tone. D’Addario’s lyra strings are manufactured using computer-controlled winding machinery, ensuring your strings are always consistent. To prevent corrosion, the lyra strings are shipped in corrosion resistant packaging, and United States customers will typically receive their strings in two to four business days from their ship date.
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