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Luthier Classical Guitar Strings

Luthier strings are currently unavailable due to change of ownership of the company. The new owners have not yet started production and have not made arrangements for distribution.
Luthier Classical Guitar Concert Gold, 40
Price: $8.47
Luthier Music Corporation is a New York-based manufacturer specializing in classical and flamenco guitars. They are also becoming well-known among professional players for producing some of the best strings available. Our Luthier classical guitar strings are garnering many rave reviews from happy customers. People describe them as having exceptional intonation, a rich tonal quality and great feel. They are also long-lasting strings, and are recommended for flamenco-style performance. The Popular Supreme strings are white silver-plated for a bright sound that works well for folk, popular and flamenco styles. These strings have light to medium gauges with medium tension. The Concert Silver type is also white silver-plated with medium to hard tension. The dark silver-plated strings have the most brilliant sound, with a long-lasting tone. The Concert Gold style features medium to heavy gauge strings made from a bronze alloy. Loyal users of these strings describe them as having great longevity.
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