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Popular through medieval Europe to the 18th century, the lute actually has Arab origins and is a close relative of the near eastern oud instrument. Lutes come in various form and sizes, but the instrument is characterized by its pegbox, which is typically designed at a right angle to the neck. The lute can have anywhere from 6 double courses for a 12-string lute or 10 double courses for the Renaissance styled, tenor lute. A Baroque styled lute can have up to 13 courses and 26 strings. As a trusted source of hard-to-find traditional instruments, JustStrings.com carries a variety of lute string sets from La Bella and Thomastik-Infeld. La Bella produces sets for the 10 course Renaissance styled, tenor lute and the 13 coursed Baroque styled lute. Both sets feature nylon treble strings with either silver-plated or aluminum/silver wound bass strings. Specifically designed for the modern lute, Thomastik-Infeld’s 10 course, steel core strings are thicker, making them appropriate for this type of lute.
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