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Lo Riders are a series of ten sets with stainless steel, round wound on a hexagonal core strings. 4, 5, and 6-string sets in extra light to heavy gauges are available. Slightly stiffer than Hi Beams due to the hexagonal core, Lo Riders are very accurate for harmonics They provide a great depth of tone and have a big high end lending them well to slapping, popping and tapping. As with any DR string, they are consistent and have terrific string to string balance. Customers enjoy Lo Riders for their “deep sound” and their “stiffness causing less buzz” and “a great choice for playing fingerstyle modern rock on a fretted bass.” Another pleased player reports, “You get the crispness and clarity of stainless steel, with the warmth and body of nickel strings - best of both worlds! And they are relatively smooth to the touch (MH5-45).”
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