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World's Largest Selection

At JustStrings.com, we offer the world's largest selection of musical instrument strings and carry the full line of over 70 different brands. Our musical instrument string inventory and selection are unmatched. We have every major brand of acoustic and electric guitar and bass strings as well as strings for banjo, cello, double bass, fiddle, mandolin, ukulele, viola and violin. We also have strings for a variety of folk instruments and carry everything from balalaika strings to vihuela strings. JustStrings.com has packaged string sets for 45 different instruments.

You'll find the largest selection of single strings anywhere. We offer acoustic guitar single strings and electric guitar single strings as well as bass guitar single strings. You'll also find singles for loop end instruments like banjos and mandolins and singles for other instruments like autoharps, cuatros and ukuleles.

The advantage of the single strings selection at JustStrings.com is clear. You can make any gauge set you want for any instrument you have. Our single string selection allows you to experiment with strings not available in sets from any manufacturer. Making your own custom string sets out of single strings is the ultimate way to customize your strings to your needs.

Although our name is JustStrings.com, we have a wide selection of musical accessories as well. We have guitar picks, capos, bridge pins, instrument polish, straps, slides, rosin, tuners, and a wide selection of instrument care tools and cleaners to keep your instrument performing its best. JustStrings.com has the selection of musical strings and accessories you need to keep making the music you love.

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