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La Bella Viola Strings

The viola is the alto member of this bowed family. With a lower range, it is structurally indentical to the violin but slightly larger with a darker and mellower tone.
Considered an excellent value by budget-conscious violist, La Bella viola strings are manufactured in the United States by E & O Mari. The “House of Mari” has a 350 year old reputation for designing and manufacturing quality bowed instrument strings. Although La Bella has discontinued their gut strings, the company still designs and manufactures solid steel core viola strings. The solid steel core produces greater resonance and projection and provides more responsive bowing. The steel core and chrome steel winding also make these viola strings more durable and tonally consistent than gut strings. La Bella viola strings are flatwound, increasing the playability for progressing players, and the medium tension accommodates the needs of a majority of violist. Considering the quality sound La Bella viola strings offer, the price is a true bargain. Although inconsistently carried by retailers, La Bella viola strings provide a quality sound at an affordable cost.
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