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La Bella 7, 8 and 9 String Guitar Strings

La Bella knows strings, because the company’s history dates back to 16th-century Italy. That tradition of craftsmanship came to the United States in the early 20th century when two Italian brothers began making strings in their apartment in lower Manhattan. Today, La Bella makes thousands of strings for all kinds of instruments, including the Electric series, shown here, which includes three sets of strings for seven-string guitars. The HRS Series seven-string guitar strings combine plain steel treble strings with nickel-plated steel round-wound bass strings. The La Bella Electric Seven String Guitar set of strings combines plain steel trebles with nickel-plated wound bass strings and comes in light or regular. The La Bella Electric Guitar Black Nylon Tape Wound set of strings for seven-string guitars includes plain steel first and second strings and the third through sixth strings are made of a stainless steel round wound string covered with a black nylon tape outer wrap for a warm sound. The seventh string is a steel-wound string.
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