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La Bella Guitar Single Strings

La Bella has a rich family history of producing instrument strings that dates back to 17th century Italy. Today, they're one of the largest and most well-respected manufacturers of strings for every kind of instrument, with over 2000 varieties available. At JustStrings.com, we have La Bella guitar single strings for acoustic, electric, classical and flamenco guitars. The company's string making expertise combines sophisticated equipment with traditional hand-winding techniques to create the best quality strings on the market. We have flamenco style strings available in light, medium and hard tension. We also carry flamenco strings in red nylon. Our La Bella classical guitar strings come in gold nylon, black nylon and polished golden alloy wound bass strings. The strings are available in different tensions, from light to hard. We also offer a large selection of La Bella double ball end single guitar strings. These are for guitars and basses that use the double ball system, such as Arbor, Cort, Burnside, Lotus, Status and LSR. The different varieties include strings for the double ball end trans-trem system, with threaded or plain ball. The strings are available in plain steel or stainless steel wound.
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