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Super Alloy 52

The SUPER ALLOY 52 sets appeal to contemporary guitarists because these strings are both bright and tarnish-proof. The new design of the outer wrap contains a high iron content (48%). This increases the string's magnetic properties and therefore enhances its electronic response. The wrap's alloy also includes a high content of nickel (52%) preventing the strings from tarnishing.
La Bella's Super Alloy 52 string for electric guitar combines 48 percent iron and 52 percent nickel for a string that's responsive, strong and resistant to tarnish. The increased iron content in the outer wrap outperforms other wrapped strings because the added magnetic properties enhance electronic response. The nickel gives the strings a warm sound while keeping them bright. The super alloy 52 properties are a magic blend – easy tuning, comfortable playing and bending, rich tone, vivid harmonics and superior durability. There are five different gauge sets to satisfy personal preference and playing style. Choose from Extra Light, Lights, Regular, Blues Medium or Jazz Lights. Our great Super Alloy 52 price means you can experiment with different sets to find the one that's perfect for your instrument.

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