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La Bella Electric Guitar Strings

(La Bella Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, and APO FPO destinations)
“I have always come back to the La Bella’s for their clarity and power of sound,” declares a LaBella player (20PH). LaBella offers five series of electric guitar strings – flat wound, Hard Rockin’ Steel, nickel plated round wound, Nickel 200 roller wound, and the Super Alloy 52’s.

The flat wound series includes five sets of stainless steel flat wounds (extra light to heavy) and two of black nylon tape, flat wound sets (light and medium). Each set includes an extra first and second string. A 20PCM set player says, “I tried a lot of strings for jazz and Labella is the best for jazz. They have a smooth and warm sound.” A black nylon tape, flat wound set customer states, “…these black nylon tape wound sets are super smooth and great for jazz guitar.”

The Hard Rockin’ Steel series includes five sets of nickel plated steel, round wound strings from ultra light to medium gauge. “The ultimate Rock guitar string - the HRS series are very bright and long lasting. These nickel plated steel round wound strings are super-flexible for bending and sustaining notes,” reports a pleased customer.

The nickel plated, round wound series consists of sixteen sets, including the EL series (both blues and jazz sets), the Criterion sets, and a drop tuning set. Gauges range from ultra light to medium.

The Nickel 200 roller wound sets have nickel wound strings made from an alloy that is softer than the typical nickel plated steel that is used on most electric guitar sets. The wound strings are then compressed to make a more oval shape. This results in a smoother feel and a warmer tone. A player of the N1152 set says, “Great strings … I've tried various flat wounds, round wounds, but these work great on the guitar. They have a perfect balance of volume string to string and are a little brighter than flat wounds. The roller winding gives them a smooth feel.”

The Super Alloy 52 series include strings wound with LaBella’s exclusive Super Alloy 52, which contains a higher iron content (48%) thereby increasing the strings magnetic property and their electronic response. The high nickel content (52%) keeps the strings from tarnishing. Gauge ranges include extra light, light, regular and blues medium. “Well balanced set of strings with very good tone and articulation,” reports a SA942 set player. Another says, “…found them to be the very best guitar strings I have ever used, great tone, long lasting, tune easily, easy playing, easy bending.”

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