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La Bella Double Bass Strings

LaBella double bass strings are available from JustStrings.com in various constructions so you can get the sound you’re looking for. The constructions include nickel-wound strings on a rope core for good sustain and a long string life. Or choose LaBella’s 7710 strings made with black nylon tape wound on a rope core for the traditional tone of gut with the sustain of metal providing a deep, rich sound. The LaBella 7720 series strings have light tension and excellent flexibility and are preferred by many top musicians for solo tuning. In addition to these steel-core LaBella double bass strings, JustStrings.com also has the Supernil strings with nylon cores and silver-plated wrap. Find LaBella and all our double bass strings at JustStrings.com to get the sound you want without spending more than you have to.
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