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La Bella Classical Guitar Strings

(La Bella Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, and APO FPO destinations)
“Simply the best,” declares a LaBella 2001 series player. In addition to the 2001 series, Labella offers ten other series of classical guitar strings.

Both classical and classical/flamenco sets are available in the 2001 series. This classical line of clear nylon trebles and wound silver on nylon filament basses is available in light, medium, medium hard, hard and extra hard tension. The flamenco sets, which are black nylon trebles and wound silver on nylon filament basses, come in light, medium and hard tension. The light tension classical strings are made for more delicate instruments for minimum tension and maximum volume. The medium tension are very bendable and easy to play but still with great tonal subtlety. The strings most popular with many well known players is the medium hard set. This set has superior power with great tonal details and range. A pleased customer says of this set, “Great strings. Capable of great subtlety and nuance--also easy to create vast array of tones from rich and mellow to crystalline bright. Easy to play because tension is lower than most brands at 79.97 lbs. They last a long time.” The hard and extra hard tensions give greater power and clarity.

The Argento series includes two sets with pure silver wound basses and three sets with silver plated wound basses, both with clear nylon trebles. The pure silver basses are wound with 99% pure silver wire and hand polished to a very smooth finish which greatly reduces finger noise and extends tonal range and variations. The silver plated basses are made with a new process of very fine silver plating that ensures pure harmonics, sustain and clarity. A customer explains, “These are very good strings indeed and a real step forward from anything else I have tried. The sound is focused and there is none of the initial wobbling of pitch. This means they intonate well and hence sounds very full and strong despite their soft feel - I tried medium tension. The smooth surface also makes it easy to control string noise…”

The Criterion series features two sets – one with clear nylon trebles and the other with black nylon trebles. Both have golden alloy wound basses.

The Early Guitar series includes six sets which all have rectified nylon trebles and silver wound basses. Baroque guitar strings are offered in two sets (medium or high tension) with five courses. The early romantic guitar set has six strings. The two Renaissance guitar sets have four courses. The romantic Terz guitar set has six strings.

The Folksinger 830 set is composed of black nylon trebles and golden alloy wound basses in medium tension with ball ends allowing for easy installation and is suitable for both Spanish style folk and classical guitars. The 840 folksinger set is medium tension and has ball ends also, but has clear nylon trebles and Golden Alloy wound basses. The 830S Super folksinger set is a special high tension set that has a black nylon E string, clear wound nylon B and G strings, and the basses are wound Golden Alloy. A happy player of the 830 set says, “These are the ONLY strings I would put on my Yamaha AEX500N. I've been using them now for 11 years, and they work perfectly for me.”

Fractional sizes are available for classical guitar student players in ½, ¼, ¾, and 7/8” scale sets all with an additional wound third. They have nylon trebles and silver plated wound basses.

The Golden Superior series classical concert guitar strings are offered in the 850 series and the 900 series. The 850 sets all have golden alloy wound basses, and the trebles are either clear, black or gold. The clear nylon set also has a wound third string. A 850W set player says, “This particular set of strings give a powerful but yet classical feel playing style ... the third string being golden alloy gives the guitar even more sound power.”

The 900 series have polished golden alloy wound basses and either black or gold nylon trebles. A professional player says of the 900B set, “I make my living playing guitar. I love these strings. I feel that the black nylon gives the guitar a more earthy sound, I think because they are a bit harder. Clean glassy highs, with sweet smooth lows, very responsive and very little string talk if any at all. They also minimize nail noises on the strings if you’re like me and use a bit more nail than others. I use none other.”

The Silver wound series includes two sets with clear trebles and silver plated wound basses, two flamenco sets with red or black trebles and silver wound basses, and the 860 set with silver plated basses, B and G strings of clear monofilament wound on nylon multifilaments, and a plain E string. This last set’s setup allows the first and second strings to have more surface area and thus produce a brighter tone with more sustain than plain nylon. An 820 set players declares, “These strings are the best you will find for Flamenco and Popular styles of music. They offer a nice bright, but not glassy tone from the trebles … the trebles hold their tone for so long…”

The 427 Pacesetter Elite strings are clear nylon trebles with silver plated copper wound on a nylon filament core. These were the first nylon classical guitar strings designed over fifty years ago. This set has become the most popular and most versatile set on the market according to LaBella.

LaBella offers a series of non-standard size guitar strings for alto, bass, contra bass (four and six string), and short scale guitars. All have clear nylon trebles and silver plated basses. The SG10 set also has a silver plated wound third string.

LaBella’s Professional series includes three concert level sets plus an “antique” set with gut trebles and silver plated wound basses set (411). These gut trebles are produced with exacting precision and give the special sound of gut strings with the precise intonation and long life previously unavailable for gut strings. A customer reports on this set, “These strings are incredible! I took about three days of slowly bringing them up to pitch, to insure that none broke while stretching out. They seemed pretty fragile while stretching up to pitch, but after giving it some time and letting them sink in, these strings are wonderful. The silvers are nice and present while retaining a deep bassy sound, and the gut strings are absolutely phenomenal! The feel of the gut strings is unique - they feel dry and really nice.”
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