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La Bella Acoustic Guitar Strings

(La Bella Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, and APO FPO destinations)
“These strings have a great sound, last a long time, and stay in tune very nicely. I won't use any other strings on my acoustic guitar,” declares a LaBella 40PS set player.

Four series are available in LaBella acoustic strings – golden alloy, phosphor bronze, silk and steel, and silver plated.

The golden alloy series features round wound strings made of LaBella’s special 80/20 brass alloy and include an extra first and second string. They are available in gauges ranging from extra light to heavy. A 40PS set player reports, “These are one of the better balanced and better sounding strings I have yet to use on my California Series Sonoran guitar.” Also included in the golden alloy series are the Criterion golden alloy which come in gauges from ultra light to medium, and also include an additional first and second string. “All La Bella strings are beautifully made,” states a pleased customer.

The phosphor bronze, acoustic sets are made with a blend of bronze and tin producing an alloy with a brighter tone and especially long life. These strings are LaBella’s most popular sets used in almost all types of music according to LaBella. “I tried these phosphor bronze strings on my acoustic and I really liked them. I am a believer in LaBella strings. I think they are one of the best made,” states a customer.

Silver plated, round wound strings are featured in the third series of acoustic strings by LaBella. They are made with silver plated, copper wire hand wound on a steel core and are available in light, light/medium, medium and tenor sets. This series is a more traditional style of acoustic string. The silver plated wound strings have a little less tension than bronze and brass wound strings. They have a distinctive clear and crisp tone. A 700ML set players says, “I have used them for the last nine months, and they are still soft, flexible and sound great. There are no symptoms of wear after all this time! Silver plated wound gives them rich and warm sound with balanced sustain. They keep in tune over three weeks after each tuning. My rating 500 / 5.”

“Great strings. Crisp, yet mellow. They're perfect if you're looking for something that's easy on your fingers,” is the description of the 710M set by a customer. The silk and steel series has wound strings made with a steel inner core, a middle layer of Italian silk with a silver plated copper winding. These strings also have less tension than traditional bronze, brass or steel wound strings. They are favored by finger style players for their ease of playing and mellow tone. A 710L set player states, “These feel really great (lower tension), the finger squeak is reduced by the silk inside, and you can feel quality when you play them. How do they sound? Bright, but not overly so. Warm, but in an unusual way. Balanced.”

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