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La Bella Classical Guitar Golden Superior Golden Nylon/Golden Alloy Polished, 900GS

La Bella Classical Guitar Golden Superior Golden Nylon/Golden Alloy Polished, 900GS
La Bella
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the best at any price
February 12, 2021
these are the strings that brought me back to the Spanish guitar.not only do they sound the best "most importantly the G string" but they last longer by being easy to clean.lemon oil and a soft cotton cloth.keeps them sounding right.a little effort saves changes and money.by the way, as far as I have seen, only in US are Spanish guitars called classical.
By Bob A.
900 Golden Superior (La Bella)
June 12, 2016
My first guitar was an $80 classical guitar, and when I got it I asked the really old owner of the music store what replacement strings should I get. He recommended these strings. I asked what else did he recommend, and he insisted on these alone.

On that $80 classical I used to play these strings all the way to the point where the wound basses would begin to fray, and then I'd have to scrounge up another $5 somewhere as soon as possible for new strings. This was back in 1974. (Just letting you know that I'd play them all the way to their very end, and they sounded fine and were really settled in at that point, despite the bass strings having lost their shiny golden appearance toward the end.)

I liked them from the start because the treble golden nylon strings looked so good compared to the clear nylon strings my classical guitar had come with, and the polished bass strings had smooth hand shifting with minimum finger squeak, especially after the strings had been on for a week and had been worked over by my playing. They're really warm sounding strings, too. Very lush. Sonorous. I tried, a couple of times, other brands of strings, but once you get used to the appearance of the Golden Superiors, you're spoiled for life. So, I've always come back to these. They're all I buy now.

Around ten years ago I opened a package of these strings, and where the coils of the wound strings touched, slight corrosion could be seen. I contacted La Bella and asked whomever (maybe the owner) what was up, could I buy from La Bella direct to get them as new as possible, because these strings had always been so shiny-golden right out of the package, as I had remembered. He explained that they used to use NaOH as a post production step, to remove any corrosion and shine them up before packaging, but had to stop because of OSHA restrictions and cost control. (something like this)

Recently, the last package I opened which had been in my possession unopened for around a year, revealed a special anti-tarnish inner-plastic packaging, and when I finally got to the paper sleeves for each bass string they were beautiful, shiny-golden, perfect strings, just like I had remembered from my teenage years.

You will love these strings. They're great!
By antonio
Golden Superiors (La Bella)
August 21, 2012
I have used these strings since 1996 and have been very happy with them for the sound and tone; they even sound good on my $180 Yamaha. As for the price, they are worth it because they last! I really beat them up playing Mariachi music and they can take it. They also have a wonderful sound for more mellow playing.
By Angelo
January 29, 2011
I bought these strings not really sure what to expect. I put them on and after a few days of playing went to my lesson, my instructor found them only interesting at first then after the next session really loved the way they sounded, and so do I. I love these strings. Once they get settled in they sound terrific now my mid level guitar sounds and has better projection than my instructors high end guitar....great clarity and range on bass and treble strings.
By Don E.
La Bella 900 golden superior strings
June 29, 2010
I use these on my Alvarez electric classical guitar and play some in public. They are wonderful for live performances-smooth and very low finger noise. I have used them for over 3 years and have tried others but always come back to these.
By A M.
La Bella 900GS Strings
April 11, 2010
Well, I have tried many brand of guitar strings but only La Bella have given me satisfaction. Especially 900GS Golden Superior. The price of the string doesn't matter nor the price of the instrument but the sound that you get from them does. So, I do recommend La Bella Classical Guitar Golden Superior.






1st E

Yellow Nylon



2nd B

Yellow Nylon



3rd G

Yellow Nylon



4th D

Polished Brass Alloy



5th A

Polished Brass Alloy



6th E

Polished Brass Alloy




Elite Series


"The 900 Golden Superior set contains gold nylon trebles and polished Golden Alloy wound basses. Especially designed for the concert performer, the smooth surface on the basses allows the player to shift positions without any noise or squeak. Highly polished, these basses are recommended for both studio recordig and live performances."

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