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La Bella Classical Folksinger Ball End Black Nylon Trebles/Golden Alloy Wound Basses, 830

La Bella Classical Folksinger Ball End Black Nylon Trebles/Golden Alloy Wound Basses, 830
La Bella
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By Kevin B.
Great Strings and Willie uses them!
August 24, 2017
The 830 Folksinger set has ball-end black nylon trebles and Golden Alloy wound basses. A special design, the nylon strings include a small ball attached to one end of each string. Easy to use, this eliminates tying each nylon string to the bridge and is suitable for both Spanish style folk and classical guitars.
?Black nylon trebles produced greater aural transparency and sound projection
?Golden Alloy (80/20 Brass) basses produce exceptional memory for pitch and consistent sound production
?Medium Tension
?String Gauges: Black Nylon: .028, .032, .040; Golden Alloy: .031, .035, .044
?Made in the USA with American Wire
?Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness
These are great strings. I cut off the balls because I use a TSTGA TENOR String-Tie on my guitar. Great set up, quick and easy!
By Terry
LaBella Folk Singer Black Nylon No. 830
March 25, 2014
I bought these strings yesterday from Guitar Center (commenter is right--they charge more than here). I was curious about black trebles for awhile and wanted to try them after being told that the store did not carry the kind of strings I wanted to buy. I've been trying different brands to see which ones gave my guitar the best sound. I also have somewhat "weak" fingers so I asked about low tension strings after trying a few strings with normal or medium tension strings (I think the guitar came with low tension strings). I also prefer a warm sound which is why I have a classical guitar in the first place. Besides solo classical guitar pieces, I also use my guitar to accompany singing (mostly folk songs). I would like to point out that these strings are NOT low tension strings. Perhaps the person who said so is used to higher tension strings. I was actually a bit alarmed when I saw how thick the strings look, but was surprised how easily I could press them and how responsive, pure, and bright the strings sound! Again, I just put these on yesterday and just had time to play for a couple of hours so they are still settling. However, they tuned quickly (considering I wound these by hand) and just a slight tweak puts them back in tune. I love these strings! Definitely will buy them again or try other strings by LaBella, but definitely they are especially amazing for how cheap they are! (Even GC only $9.99)
The ball ends are okay--no a big factor to me since I have no problems with tie-ends.
By Geno
June 14, 2013
Found out that Willie Nelson used the LaBella Folk singer strings....Been using them for 15 years and completely happy.
By Phil
Not bad strings
May 29, 2013
I only use the ball ends on the low E,A, & D. I tie off the high nylons because the soft ball ends are a joke(on the NYLONS). If you string it right these will last a month or two. All nylons need a stretch and release period when you initially put them on. I use them on a standard Ibanez GA35TCE and they are really good to me. They feel good to the fingers and sound deep when I use Open C tuning. I use a lot of different brands of strings to feel around, and I always get a few sets of these for back up because I know I can trust them. Juststrings.com is the place to get them at the right price also. GCenter wants too much.
By Barry A.
La Bella Classical Folksinger No. 830
February 4, 2011
I couldn't agree with NURREDIN any more! I bought a set of La Bella Folksinger 830 (black nylon trebles) at a little mom and pop music store by default because quite simply they didn't have my usuals, (D'Addario Classic EJ30) I recorded an albums worth of material on them and didn't think twice about the strings beneath my fingers until I changed them. I absolutely fell in love with La Bella 830's and I won't play anything else!
November 9, 2010
I use these strings on a Yamaha AEX500N. I've NEVER had a problem with them,and I've been using them since 1999! Maybe the other reviewers didn't string them properly, or maybe their playing style is overly vigorous. You can hear the strings on my ballads on my cd "Unapologetic Soul" on Itunes or stream it for free on Myspace. These are the ONLY strings I would put on this guitar. I've been using them now for 11 years,and they work perfectly for me.
By Larry H.
Strings broke before any usage
October 16, 2010
I thought the previous rating was probably an anomaly. It apparently isn't one.

The strings initially would not hold the pitch according to my electronic tuner. So after one last attempt to bring it to tune, I stopped and let it sit over night. The next day, I discovered that strings one and two had popped.

The other strings still won't hold a tune. The rating here should be zero stars, believe me.
By Stephen
No tension info...
August 30, 2010
Bought these strings at Guitar Center for a classical guitar, because they were the only black nylons in the store. Never again. The tension was so light that they laid on the fretboard where my Pro Arts had perfect action. After stringing the guitar and placing on the stand not one but two string broke (came loose from the crappy plastic ball end) when the guitar was not even being played. The company offers no information concerning the diameter or tension of the strings, they probably don't even know. I am sticking with Pro Arts from now on even if I have to order them. Beware.
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