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La Bella Electric Guitar Black Nylon Tape Flat Wound Medium 6 String, .014 - .067, 800M

La Bella Electric Guitar Black Nylon Tape Flat Wound Medium 6 String, .014 - .067, 800M
La Bella
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By Walter
Loveland, CO
Excellent strings
September 12, 2022
I absolutely love the La Bella Jazz Flats strings. They are perfect for my archtop guitar and the jazz style I like to play. The wound strings are very quiet, no unwanted harmonics or fret noise; I was able to lower the action without buzz. The strings are also easier to fret than steel strings. They sound great and I'm told they last far longer than wound steel because the metal portion of the string is much thinner. (The unwound strings are no different than those in a traditional set.)

If you're into Jim Hall, Grant Green, John Pizzarelli and the like, give these strings a try.
Quiet Good tone Stay in tune Long life Won't work well on all guitars - check La Bella's documentation. A bit pricey, although they should last a long time.
By Tony
New York, NY
A no-risk proposition
February 14, 2021
I found these flat wounds back in '06 and never looked back. Wonderful, warm sound. It had been awhile since my last purchase, so I didn't know that string sizes are now color-coded (no individual envelopes). I didn't see that info until I opened the cardboard packaging. I strung my guitar accurately by feeling the thickness of each string. Maybe this info should be more prominently displayed. Anyway, that's my oversight. A great product from a company that's earned its place in guitar history.
By Yves
Lucerne, California
December 21, 2020
I found these strings to be perfect for a baritone guitar. Just the right tension, great feel, and a clean, balanced tone. Clear highs and robust low end with no "mud".
By Joe F.
Labella medium jazz tapes
November 4, 2017
I love these strings and have been using them for years.They have a lovely dark sound and just the right kind of attack for me. The playability characteristics are superb and they last a long, long time. I love the fact that the intonation is stable over the life of the string too. I am so happy to be able to get these from JustStrings.com because this is a fairly specialized product that retailers don't generally carry. Thanks so much!!
By Bob R.
great strings for jazz!
November 29, 2016
I've been using these strings for several years. I love their sound and feel. An .014 high E might sound heavy to some players, but my Pete Malinoski guitar is set up very well and I like the extra body the thick E gives me. These strings are very low in tension given their size and I find them quite comfortable.
By Ybot F.
La Bella 800M Black Tape Flatwounds.
June 13, 2012
Fantastic!!! Work great on my Les Paul which is now a solid body sounding jazz box. I did not have any problem threading the strings through the tuning peg holes. I put these strings on three of my Les Pauls. It's like having three Pat Martino Benedetto's for what the price of one Benedetto would cost. Try them on a Les Paul. One could always go back to a lighter gauge if it does not suit your solid body. I love them!!!
By collie
fretless baritone electic guitar..28/58''
November 30, 2011
I bought these strings for my fretless baritone electric guitar..28/58". I'm very surprised by the sound. It sounds like a baroque. Smooth as margarine...Well done Labella!!!
By Joe M.
Black Nylon Electric Set 14-67
October 7, 2011
Could not even get the 6th string through my tuning peg.

I tried the lighter gauge of the black nylon and liked the pliability and tone, but the 3rd string was so flimsy it rattled hopelessly even after raising the action significantly. Maybe the lighter set would work with the 3rd string from the heavy set. But at these prices, there's no way I'll try two more sets.

Nice idea. Very incompletely realized.
By Von
Nylon wound .o14-.067
February 5, 2011
Like someone else stated great sound and playablity but...you WILL BE re-filing your nut for the larger gauge. .067 is big but I LIKE EM and yes the black looks goooood.
By Brian K.
Black Nyon wrapped Labella strings
January 28, 2010
These are interesting and sound quite nice especially when you play something with open strings. I tried the medium gauage and they are too flimsy. However I think the heavy set might just be too big so I am divided about using these strings. I am going to email Labella and suggest they come up with a compromise is the string diameters they are using for this set. Otherwise these are very interesting strings but not totally suitable for me I don't think.
By wolfy
La Bella Electric Guitar Black Nylon Tape Flat Wound Medium 6 String, .014 - .067, 800M
October 16, 2009
La Bella Electric Guitar Black Nylon Tape Flat Wound Medium 6 String, .014 - .067, 800M. I used those "chrome" strings for years. I tried these for my jazz guitars for the first time. I highly suggest a jazz player to try them! John Paul Pizzarelli, used this string along with his dad Bucky Pizzarelli. I love their sound, and you will like your sound with these strings too!
By Richard
best flat wounds
September 20, 2009
Playing jazz at relatively low volumes I cannot abide the squeakiness and brightness of round wound strings. I've tried many brands of flat wounds and these are hands down the best to my ears and fingers. If you are a casual player thhey last for years, and the color of the strings is an eye catcher as well.
If you prefer flat wounds you will not be disappointed.
These professional Jazz Guitar Strings are made to fit archtops and hollow-body guitars, therefore are NOT suitable for standard solid body guitars with 25.5” or 24.75” scale like a Stratocaster or Les Paul model.

Wound length of each strings is 36″ (distance from ball-end to silk); only the silk portion should wrap around the tuning post






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Black Nylon Tape Wound



4th D

Black Nylon Tape Wound



5th A

Black Nylon Tape Wound



6th E

Black Nylon Tape Wound




Black Nylon Tape Wound

"Black Nylon Tape Wound sets are the 'secret behind the sound" of many professional guitarists. To create that warm, jazzy sound, these sets have a special design. The 3rd through 6th strings are a stainless steel round wound string covered with a black nylon tape outer wrap. Plain steel is used for the 1st and 2nd strings."

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