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La Bella Electric Guitar Black Nylon Tape Flat Wound 7 String, .014 - .079, 800-7

La Bella Electric Guitar Black Nylon Tape Flat Wound 7 String, .014 - .079, 800-7
La Bella
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By Brian D.
Ann Arbor
De Rigueur for Moll Archtops
December 19, 2020
I'm not sure who originally started the trend for using LaBella tapes on Archtops, but I bet we can Thank Bucky Pizzarelli.

LaBella Black Tapes are less-bright than the newly-developed White Tapes. They have a wonderful feel-- so friendly on the fingers!

Although they are "Heavy" guage, or "High Tension", they don't really feel like it. If you play Plectrum-style Jazz or Fingerstyle, you will probably love 'em. If you are trying to max-out the volume of your Jazz Box, these strings are probably NOT for you.

There are two camps out there-- those who love these strings, and those who really hate 'em. Another not-much-talked-about aspect of these strings is their lack of sustain, which makes for GREAT rhythm playing-- i.e. shorter quarter notes. If you are plugging in and playing rhythm on a big band, the amped sound doesn't get too electric if you've paid attention to your rig. Electric Archtop rhythm guitar can get unruly because the notes elongate and it sounds bad... if you play rhythm you probably know what I mean.

They don't feel AT ALL like a typical roundwound OR flatwound, for that matter. A very unique approach to string design that puts them one step toward a Classical Guitar-type feel.

The feel of these strings is very addictive, so look out!
If you are clocking in lots of time on the instrument, these strings can really be a boon, in terms of comfort.

ProsUnique, comfortable feel, good quarter note pulse with chords.
ConsDon't always fit all Archtops, length-wise.
By kwwalee
The 7th String
April 16, 2019
I play jazz with a 8 string custom fretless electric guitar.

It will be prefect if this set's thickest string is also flat-wound.

So far this set is the thickest flat wound 7 string I could find. I only use the 1 to 6th (EADGBE) strings as the 2nd to 7th strings on my custom fretless 8 string electric guitar, but add a .010 and a chrome flat wound .080 as the 1st and 8th strings. Finally I have a prefect set of 8 strings.
By Bob V.
La Bella 800-7
June 8, 2010
Good strings and play well, however within hours after having a custom fret replacement on my seven string archtop, the (G) 3rd formed a "flat spot" where it passes over the bridge causing it to become "two cents" sharp at the octave, completely unacceptable for any experienced player, and as bad or worse than a defective piano key. This was discovered after my luthier tried endlessly to properly re-intonate (it was "in" when originally restrung), eventually causing the whole bridge top to be re-slotted. I now am replacing it (the bridge). La Bella immediately replaced the string, but it caused a lot of headache and additional loss of the instrument for some recent dates. Also, the string length is far too excessive, as the cloth winding can not be totally cut at the string post or the nylon tape unravels. Therefore on my instrument I have to wind the excess in a loop around the tuner. (I'm not into cosmetics, though.) Although not the most popular string in today's market, La Bella (E. & O. Mari) has been in business for decades and manufactures an excellent product in several varieties. This is no exception, as it's the only company that offers a definitive matched seven-string set. A little pricey, but it's only for a limited amount of players and not a standard "run" I'm guessing. (It does offer a six-string set also in the same gauge.) Unless I have future problems of the same ilk, I'll subtract one star for price and the long string length.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Black Nylon Tape Wound



4th D

Black Nylon Tape Wound



5th A

Black Nylon Tape Wound



6th C

Black Nylon Tape Wound



7th A or B

Steel Wound




Black Nylon Tape Wound

"Black Nylon Tape Wound sets are the 'secret behind the sound" of many professional guitarists. To create that warm, jazzy sound, these sets have a special design. The 3rd through 6th strings are a stainless steel round wound string covered with a black nylon tape outer wrap. Plain steel is used for the 1st and 2nd strings."

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