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La Bella Classical 7 String, 7SG

La Bella Classical 7 String, 7SG
La Bella
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By AnAnzil
encinitas ca
Great quality strings
December 24, 2020
Bought these for my son for Christmas...he requested it.
By Jud
Louisville, Kentucky
Be careful
July 16, 2020
I'm pretty sure these strings destroyed one of my guitars. Make sure your guitar can handle the tension.
ProsEase of purchase.
ConsDestroyed my guitar.
By Jeanlalou
String tension
October 22, 2018
Dr H is right about the hard tension. I am researching myself and went to the D'Addario String Tension 101 site, and I learned that "String tension is determined by vibrating length, mass, and pitch. The string diameter alone does not determine a string's tension. By using different raw materials (nickelplated steel or phosphor bronze, etc.) or by varying the ratio between the core and the wrap wire, two strings with the same diameter, tuned to the same pitch, could have two different tensions."

By Jocelyn B.
Descriptions of all the seven strings diameters
March 23, 2017
If you click at the description of the strings, you will see that they are exactly the same diameter as the D'Addarios Pro-Arte ''NORMAL'' tensions 6 stings set, plus a .050 as for the seventh string which is not a ''high tension set'' .JB
By H
WARNING: Hard-Tension Set
February 23, 2015
I recently acquires a 7-string classical guitar, only to discover that finding a set of strings for it is problematic. To date, the only set I've found, sold -as- as set, is the 7SG set by LaBella.

Unfortunately, what neither the package label, nor the JustString specs tell you is that this is a *hard-tension* set. You don't find this out until you open the package and look at the labels on the individual string pouches.

Well, LaBella strings are generally pretty good, but I've been told by the maker that my guitar should use regular tension strings. So this set was pretty much useless for me.

JustStrings carries various classical singles that I will probably experiment with putting together a custom set from those... even though it promises to cost at least twice a much as a pre-packaged set.

I would just say to LaBella, that they should LABEL their packages appropriately. And the JustStrings description should warn people that they are buying a hard-tension set.






1st E

Clear High Density Nylon



2nd B

Clear High Density Nylon



3rd G

Clear High Density Nylon



4th D

Silver-Plated Wound



5th A

Silver-Plated Wound



6th E

Silver-Plated Wound



7th D

Silver-Plated Wound




Professional Series


"First developed in the Seventies, the Professional Series product line were the first classical guitar and lute sets to be offered in a wide variety of gauges. They have been acclaimed by concert guitarists, lutenists and prominent teachers and even used by such great luthiers as Del Pilar, Rubio, Papazian, Van Lennep and Gurian. The Professional Series have been the preferred strings by a whole generation of great artists including:

Laurindo Almeida, Julian Beam, Mario Escudero, Maria Luisa Anido, Sabicas & Rey de la Torre

The Professional Series strings are still the standard for excellence expected by all serious guitarists. No single set of strings can possibly bring out the finest qualities of every type of guitar or best suit the varied technique and styles of every guitarist. This product line offers some distinctive designs to perfectly satisfy the demands of professional concert performers.

The 7SG set has clear high-density nylon trebles and silver-plated wound basses for the first six strings. The extra low string is specially designed for modern concert guitars with additional basses.


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