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La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Hofner Beatle Bass Black Nylon Tapewound (34" Wound Length, not suitable for any instrument other than a Beatle Bass), .050 - .100, 760NHBB

La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Hofner Beatle Bass Black Nylon Tapewound  (34" Wound Length, not suitable for any instrument other than a Beatle Bass), .050 - .100, 760NHBB
La Bella
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By Fred
Southwest Florida
The Good Ones
August 24, 2022
I have 5 German Hofner Beatles…. Each one a little different…plus a Hofner Club Contemporary with full German electronics. I use LaBella DTB flats on all of them. Like others who watched the 3 part “Get Back’ series, I decided to try the LaBella Black Nylon Tape Wounds on a couple. I installed the first set on 9my limited run ‘63 Fretless with a lined ebony board and factory hand carved ebony nut. Fast, simple string swap & it made my fretless Beatle sound like a gut strung upright. My next set is going on my Cavern flat-back. I’m not a newbie to nylon tape wounds. I installed a set of Fender Black Nylon Tape Wounds on my Fender Jazz prior to a 1970 recording sessuion & they remained on the bass for 24 years before I finally changed them. I can also confirm that string technology has significantly improved in the 52years since my first set. I also think that these should also work fine on a Hofner club & other short scale basses with 2 on a side tuners…not just “Beatle-bodied” ones.
Best choice for a nylon-tape string for this style of short scale vass Well, they are nylon tape wound strings. That alone is a game-ender for a lot of Fredbass players
By Alan
As Ordered
March 13, 2022
Out of stock at initial order but received within time frame requested and exactly as ordered.
By Jimmy
Savannah GA
December 23, 2021
This is exactly the sound I was looking for...if you own a Beatle bass you should try these. Deep, rubbery tone, low tension...I love em...
By Charles
Long Island, NY
Just strings is my new go to!
December 17, 2021
After waiting fir my usual go to Sweetwater to rstock on these fairly uncommon strings for months I gave up and started searching. Found some on Amazon at first but price was nearly double the usual. Then saw these here, the right price and in stock. Super fast delivery, exactly what I ordered. Now I can get the Let it Be sessions rooftop tone in my Hofner violin bass. Next restring for my P, J and Jack Casady are gonna be coming from Just Strings! Cheers Mates!
Perfect fit. Incredible buttery smooth feel. Oh and that warm.upright tone. None.
By Rich
Brighton, Michigan
Perfect strings for the Hofner bass
November 12, 2021
I was looking for a short-scale, lightweight bass to use in my home recording studio and came across a Hofner bass. I was really impressed by the scale length, weight, and playability. Normally, I use flat-wound strings to minimize finger noise during recording. By chance, I came across a picture of Paul McCartney playing his Hofner in the studio during the "Let It Be" sessions and the guitar was strung with black strings. Hhhmmmnn?? What are those?? A little homework and I found out that at certain times he used strings wrapped with black nylon tape. I went to JustStrings.com and found these La Bella's (Thanks for the great selection). After re-stringing the guitar, I realized theses strings are a perfect fit for this bass. Of course, sound interpretation is very subjective, but I would characterize the sound as "very clean and exact". The nylon wrap provides a very smooth feel and really eliminates the string noise. Very highly recommended.
Smooth feel, eliminates string noise, perfect fit for the Hofner bass. Not really a "con", but the strings are specifically and only made for the Hofner "Beatle Bass". The LaBella packaging states that the strings are "specifically designed to fit the "30" scale length Hofner Violin basses and similar models" and to "not substitute these strings on other medium or short-scale basses".
By TRMcCoy
Now have three sets of Tapewound strings
October 16, 2021
I initially put these strings on a Musicman Stingray V. Then on to an Ibanez. This set on my Hofner violin bass make it an absolute pleasure to play. Sound is warm and responsive on all the instruments. Don't hesitate to try these if you are a jazz player or just love smooth bass playing.
No buzz Warm tones Great all the way up the neck Easy on the fingers Don't use for slappin' & poppin'
By Mike
Exeter, NH
Pure MACA tone!
October 1, 2019
Smooth, bendable and deep talking.
By carl
nylon wrap
May 6, 2018
760nhbb, .put these strings on our short scale Ibanez Mikro.They sound great and VERY easy on the fingers.
By Randy
LaBella Hofner Black Nylon Bass Strings
November 15, 2014
If you have a Hofner or any short or medium scale hollow body bass....these are well worth trying. They are smooth, sound full and punchy, and fit the Hofner and similar styled basses perfectly. They are also low in tension which makes them easy on the hands to play. I'm very impressed with them. 4 stars!
By Tom H.
La Bella Black Nylon Tapewound
August 13, 2011
Have used these before on Fretless Bass. They sound great.
For short scale, they are big, fat, and smooth sounding.
Nice with a pick.
Good tension.
Highly recommend.
By Tim N.
Labella 760NHBB Nylon Bass Strings
October 26, 2010
These are great strings. Gives the Hofner a full, acoustic sound and keeps the mids really manageable. They look really cool also. Impossible to find in Dallas (as is most good bass equip). I use many different strings for various basses and am able to consistently find what I need here at Juststrings. I have never had a bad order so I cannot comment on cust. service, but their prices are very good and always ship well within the stated delivery time. This is my string store for now and the future.
By Ed W.
La Bella nylon wrapped Beetle Bass Strings
January 7, 2010
Installed on a new Beatle Bass in December, have used them only one month. Very pleased -- sound good. I have a tendency to slide my fingers and produce unwanted hiss. These strings produce almost no hiss. I have used La Bella nylon wrapped on other electric basses for years with the same good results. Sound always deep and smooth, no twang.






1st G

Black Nylon Tapewound



2nd D

Black Nylon Tapewound



3rd A

Black Nylon Tapewound



4th E

Black Nylon Tapewound



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