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La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Black Nylon Tape Wound 5 String Low B Extra Long (38" Wound length), .060 - .135, 760N5-EXL

La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Black Nylon Tape Wound 5 String Low B  Extra Long (38" Wound length), .060 - .135, 760N5-EXL
La Bella
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By Adriel E.
Brooklyn, NY
Deficient product
March 5, 2022
G string snapped while I was winding it on my bass. Plus my new order is delayed. Which may not be juststrings fault but still sucks as a whole.
Nothing yet String snapped
By Richard
Woodstock, GA
Surprisingly Great Fit (and Feel)
November 9, 2019
These are not only very good in that they sound super on my Ibanez 5-string (SRMS805) they feel better than the other brand of "black tape" string on my other Ibanez. Another great benefit was that they fit properly on the bass even with its "multi-scale" frets (where none of the frets are parallel.) The scale length is 34" on the G string but it's 35.5" on the B string. When I asked La Bella about this bass they said none of their strings would work on it. But I have been using these for a month now and they are terrific.
Wonderful smooth feel. The black tape strings on my other Ibanez are not slick and shiny and I prefer these. Be very careful installing them because the scale length is so different as you cross the neck. Watch out for how much of the string winds onto the peg.
By Filiberto T.
La Bella Talkin' bass strings
January 25, 2015
Are this strings softer ? (less tension than the Rotosound 88? ) I've playing salsa music with the Roto 88 (on my 5 strings Ken Smith bass and like the sound a lot ) I'm using nylon D'addario on my 4 strings fretless and love the d'addario (full clear and round sound) Now is time for fresh strings (new) and thinking if buying La Bella string will be a good choice, I'll write my review if I buy them.
By Bargeon
Among the best
May 5, 2012
I could not disagree more with the reviewer who saw no difference between the Labella tapes and Fender.
I have used these strings, the Fenders and the Rotosound 88's tape wounds on my hollowbody.

Each has it's virtue though the Fenders, to my ears, had the least desirable tone (thin, almost tinny) and the most slick plastic feel. Much a matter of taste but I've had them on a fretless electric and a fretted ABG and I can't stand them.

The Rotosounds were higher tension and had a more "fundamental" tone. Less top end and faster decay. Not a bad thing, especially if you are looking to get an upright woody thump.

The LaBellas have a richer tone than the Fenders and more top end spin and clarity than the Rotos. As they age they lose some of that high end sound and sound a bit more upright.

As for price, well you get what you pay for. Shop around.
By G
Good but Overpriced
August 25, 2011
Before La Bella, I used Fender tapewound strings. I was curious about the brand La Bella and how expensive it was.

After trying them, there was no obvious difference in sound quality compared to Fender. Why buy expensive strings when there are cheaper options that have the same sound quality as expensive ones?

Also, the gauge of the B string is 0.135 and not 0.128.
By Schwabe
LaBella black nylon wraps
February 6, 2011
I use these on my Morch 5 string fretless. These are very warm and dark, great for jazz. They are pricey, but no more than Thomastiks and I believe these have the same quality of workmanship and attention to detail as the Thomastiks. These will have a long long shelf life I suspect.
By Johnny S.
LaBella Tape 5
January 28, 2011
Awesome strings but the price is redonkulous. Over twice what I paid for the very same strings. Wow.
By Mike K.
La Bella 5 String Black Nylon
May 24, 2010
Very pleased with this product. After exploring others opinions on what to put on my fretless acoustic bass. The one I kept hearing most often were the LaBellas. They are pricey, but well worth the money. Got a great sound and the recording I recently did with them confirms it.
Also, big thanks to juststrings.com for the quickness of the order.
By Luis J.
May 16, 2010
Just want to reaffirm how happy I'm with the strings... I strongly recommended them to any one... Never the less, the great and quick service that JUSTSTRINGS put in to it... Thank you...
By Luis J.
What a beauty...
April 7, 2010
I had a acoustic bass awhile ago. I Purchased it with these strings already on it. I Fell in love with the sound and softness of it. Besides that, totally kills that squeaking while switching chords. Until Now Never knew the name of the strings or where to get them. I am so buying 'em right now for my new bass...






1st G

Black Nylon Tape Wound Extra Long



2nd D

Black Nylon Tape Wound Extra Long



3rd A

Black Nylon Tape Wound Extra Long



4th E

Black Nylon Tape Wound Extra Long



5th B

Black Nylon Tape Wound Extra Long




Black Nylon Tape Wound

"Re-designed for improved tone, sustain and longevity, these stainless steel wound strings have an outer wrapping of black nylon tape. The smooth Black Nylon Tape Wound strings are recommended for fretless electric basses. Their warm string-bass tone soudns great on all acoustic bass guitars."


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