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La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Deep Talkin` Bass Stainless Steel Flat Wound Beatle Bass (34" Wound Length, not suitable for any instrument other than a Beatle Bass), .039 - .096, 760FXHBB

La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Deep Talkin` Bass Stainless Steel Flat Wound Beatle Bass  (34" Wound Length, not suitable for any instrument other than a Beatle Bass), .039 - .096,  760FXHBB
La Bella
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By TampaBay Mark
June 6, 2017
760FHB2 Update
I just had 2 bad strings in my set and LaBella replaced them free and paid for the shipping too. The strings sound great now, better than several others I've tried - this will be the string I stick with - changing to five stars. Thanks for the great service - LaBella and JustStrings
By TampaBay Mark
May 5, 2017
I ended up putting the stock roundwound strings back on. The G string sounded dead so I put an old string on and it sounded much better. The E string just a loud booming noise, didn't sound like the other strings. Paul played with a pick but I play finger style so they all sounded pretty muddy, with a pick they brighten up, but without sounding twangy. On the plus side these strings intonate perfectly and provide strong loud output from the pickups. With shipping I'm out about 50 bucks!
By Ed L
July 19, 2011
La Bella Deep Talkin extra lights
Very nice! Thump, Thump. Just what the B-Bass should be.

Need to double round the peg before placing that string through the hole or you will risk breaking the string at the post. FYI.

A unique string with a unique sound!
By Ed V
June 4, 2011
Another Labella Convert
After waiting 4 months for by new v62 to arrive, I finally picked it up this morning. I played for an hour with the factory strings then switched over to the Labella's and what a difference it made. Biggest noticeable improvement was the E string. It has a lot more life and my tuner could read the open E easily without fluctuating all over the place like it did with the factory strings. Also, the tone from string to string is very even.
By Robert
May 25, 2011
Fantastic Product
Strings are great quality and very durable. it gives a whole new sound to the Hofner bass. i would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a more Paul McCartney sound. A+
By bill donnelly
April 30, 2011
bass strings
Excellent sound for any hollow body light weight bass. I use them on my Hofner and Epiphone Viola bass.
By Steve
February 22, 2011
LaBella Deep Talkin' Bass Strings
My Bass Player's fingers thank you. And they are deep talkin'.
By S Santos
December 29, 2010
Don't buy junk
These strings suck. bought 2 sets. After only having one set on for 2 weeks 2 strings went dead. put on the other set as I was tuneing up, one string broke at the tuneing head. Save your money.
By Madden Page
December 29, 2010
Hofner Strimgs
It's Just a great String. You can wasteyour money on other strings but you'll only wind up coming back.
By Mike M.
October 7, 2010
Beatle Bass Strings
Hated the sound of my Hofner with the strings that came on it from the factory.They sounded dull and lifeless.Put on these La Bella's,what a difference,you can actually hear the note clearly,gives the bass a distinctive voice ,not muffled.I'll stick with these.Great string.
By Rickytoons
August 5, 2010
They have THAT sound!
I, like so many others, didn't like the Pyramid strings that were on my 500/1 '62 Reissue, and read, here, and other places, that this is the string to use. They are absolutely correct. These strings give the Beatle bass that sound we all love. Smooth and deep sounding. And besides, whose going to argue with Sir Pauly?
By Rick R
March 5, 2010
These are the strings for a Hofner
I waited 45 years to get my first Hofner 500/1 (a '62 reissue). To my dismay it suffered from the dreaded dead E string. After researching I learned this is common with the stock flat wounds that come on the Hofners. I believe they are made by Pyramid. I then discovered a interview with Macca's guitar tech and he said they use the La Bella's made for a Hofner. So like any real Macca fan, I bought a set and WOW! They sound great and the E string is alive. It still has that wonderful Hofner tone we all love, but it is like a dull film has been peeled away. I'm sold.
By Ricky Vacca
February 1, 2010
039 bass strings flat wound
These strings are truly amazing. I have used all the different brands on my Hofners. These hold up to all weather and keep their pitch perfectly. Night after night. The price is great even still compared to others. If your a Hofner bass player. Put a set of these on. You'll love 'em. They drip with warmth and punch.
By Rob Martinez
December 19, 2009
Beatle Bass Strings
These are my favorite strings for my Hofner Icon bass and my Waterstone Indra bass, both short scale. These strings sound amazing, warm and fat, and feel good to play.






1st G

Flatwound Stainless Steel



2nd D

Flatwound Stainless Steel



3rd A

Flatwound Stainless Steel



4th E

Flatwound Stainless Steel




Flat Wound Stainless Steel

"The 760R and 760F series are La Bella's original formula Round Wound and Flat Wound electric bass string.

Since the Fifties and Sixties, La Bella's DEEP TALKIN'BASS Flat Wound Stainless Steel strings have been the first choice by many professional bass players. These long-lasting flat wounds are recommended for fretless basses."


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