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La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Deep Talkin' Bass Stainless Steel Flat Wound Low B (37" Wound length), .049 - .128, 760FM-B

La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Deep Talkin' Bass Stainless Steel Flat Wound Low B (37" Wound length), .049 - .128, 760FM-B
La Bella
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By Daniel
San Diego, CA
March 3, 2020
I went through many different types of strings, never really hearing with my ears what I was hearing in my brain. I installed these strings on my MTD Kingston Heir 5 Fretless and she say beautifully! I am so happy with the tone! These are the ones that will produce her voice going forward. Thank You La Bella for the awesome creation!
By Bob M.
String Quality
November 16, 2012
These strings remain da bomb! Growing up I learned MoTown, Stax styles from MoTown people themselves, studied at University of Miami with guys like Jaco, Will Lee and we all used standard pre-CBS Fenders with LaBella flats as standard. Some switched to Rotosound which never worked for my sound which was straight after Jamerson, Babbitt, Max Bennett.

Recently I acquired a 96 G&L L-2500, took off the D'Addarios, put on Will Lee gauge Dean Markley SR2000 and the sound just sank into mud. I got the LaBella's last week and truly they are the strings of the great masters of bass who set the world on fire decades ago. They feel, sound so, so great to the touch. They are funk incarnate. I can do things with these strings I've not been able to do with any other set of round wounds. If you're into Jamerson style funk, these are must haves!
LaBella Flats Standard lentgh 5 string
November 7, 2012
Since April 2012 I've been using D'Addario flats. I'm switching over to the La Bella's, because when I was in my youth, most of what was available for vintage pre-CBS Fenders were their heavy gauge nickel wrapped Deep Talkin' flat wounds. I now have a 1996 USA made G&L L-2500 and made the decision to go back to La Bella's. I made a name for myself with the old Fender set-up which included the great Acoustic 360. Now it's Genz Benz, G&L and LaBella. I can only imagine the massive sound I get already with the D'Addario will be enhanced with La Bella's.
By Ben
5 String Jazz Bass and Labella Flats
June 5, 2011
Great strings!
By Jeff M.
La Bella Deep Talkin Flats
December 13, 2010
I play a 5 string J-bass and these are great flats. the low B has exactly the right tension. I like tension on the tight side and these are tight without being too tight. the feel and tone of these strings are wonderful. I will probably never change them.
By Jeff
La Bella Deep Talkin Flats
December 13, 2010
These are great flats. I like tension on the tight side, but not too much, and these are perfect. From tone to bone, these are the best flat I've tried.
By Randyt
Labella Flatwounds 760FM-B
August 18, 2010
I play a USA Jazz 5 (string through body) finger style. Well these strings are perfectly balanced (tone, pitch, and string gauge). With the low B...don't be overly aggressive...it can get flabby. String tension is up slightly but Ive played a whole lot tighter...very manageable! I am extremely impressed with these strings...look no further...you wont need another set of strings. Costly...but you wont be switching out for a few years anyways. Also, these strings can get funkier than you think. LaBella claims that you cannot use these strings with through body bridges...I have had no problems what so ever...Play on!
By Jim K.
way too muddy
July 28, 2010
I would never buy them again
By Tony M.
Jazz Bass & Labella Flats
December 23, 2009
Have been using these strings on my main recording bass - '98 Fender Jazz Dlx V - from day one. The ultimate bass tone. Every engineer loves the sound of this instrument with these strings - "sits" perfect in the mix, regardless of the style of music.
Important note: La Bella flat wound strings are not suitable for use on instruments that require through-body stringing.






1st G

Flat Wound Stainless Steel



2nd D

Flat Wound Stainless Steel



3rd A

Flat Wound Stainless Steel



4th E

Flat Wound Stainless Steel



5th B

Flat Wound Stainless Steel




Flat Wound Stainless Steel

"The 760R and 760F series are La Bella's original formula Round Wound and Flat Wound electric bass string.

Since the Fifties and Sixties, La Bella's DEEP TALKIN'BASS Flat Wound Stainless Steel strings have been the first choice by many professional bass players. These long-lasting flat wounds are recommended for fretless basses."


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