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La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Hofner Beatle Bass Flat Wound (34" Wound Length, not suitable for any instrument other than a Beatle Bass), .050 - .100, 760FHBB

La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Hofner Beatle Bass Flat Wound  (34" Wound Length, not suitable for any instrument other than a Beatle Bass), .050 - .100, 760FHBB
La Bella
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By Satchmoeddie
April 3, 2015
They were what JustStrings said they would be!
I put these on a limited edition Hofner and they have been just great. Some of the other short scales come close to fitting, but the cloth wrap was very close to the nut. These fit perfectly and they sound great. JustStrings is the only place I have ever bought these. I really do like them too!
By Dan
May 1, 2014
Love these strings
Put a set of these on my Hofner and what a difference. Great job. Love the sound.
By Randy
December 13, 2012
Labella Hofner Flats
I have these on a Hofner CT Beatle Bass I recently got. They are excellent!
By Steve D.
January 15, 2012
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
THE strings to use if you've got a Hofner or similar bass and need that deep, woody Sir Paulie Mac tone, without the characteristic "dead" E-string for which the factory Pyramid flatwounds are (in)famous. IMO a better choice than the .039 - .096 set - the additional tension provides better definition (Hofners can get notoriously "woolly" if you're not careful) and gets the top resonance into the mix; really brought my wife's Hofner 5000/1 Deluxe to life. If you own a CT Beatle/Club they'll put you deep into German-issue territory at one-third the price, and make your Icon sound like a far more expensive instrument (I've heard both); they're also one of the very few string sets with a core wire thin enough to pass through/wrap around those skinny Hofner string posts - shame they don't make a long-scale version to fit the new (and old) President "Stu Sutcliffe" bass...
By Randy
October 5, 2011
LaBella Beatle Bass Flats
All the good reviews on these strings are true. I was a little concerned whether they would fit my Brice copy bass. So I called LaBella and they said that if they did not fit they would replace them. That's good customer service! So I gave them a shot. I should not have been concerned. They fit and sound excellent, very nice smooth as silk feel, and well made. Just the right tension, and the gauge is perfect for this bass. A little expensive but considering how long flats last they are well worth it. If you have a Hofner bass or a copy, check these strings out. Thanks Just Strings for carrying them.
By bcc
July 10, 2011
Before I rate this product, I want t mention that I ordered them before the Canadian postal service had gone on strike along with other products from different online merchants. This was the first item in my mailbox once the strike had ended. I was impressed by how quickly my order shipped and the fact that juststrings left me with some decent guitar picks and some promo stuff for products that may interest me.

As for the strings, they're great. I think anyone who plays a Beatle Bass will benefit from by these. The sound is different than on new style strings, it's retro garage band clean. Very soft to the touch. Great strings. Reduced reverb by a lot.
By djack
May 28, 2011
I Use These On My Gibson SG Reissue
I am not the best person here for a review as I am just learning to play bass. I wanted flats for my brand new Gibson SG. I ordered Rotosound flats for it. Two things against the Rotos, the silk windings overlap the bridge saddles and the E is just too floppy. Then I ordered these La Bella's from Just Strings.com. First plus is there are no silk wrappings on the anchor ends of these strings. The saddles on the Gibson are very close to the anchor points on the bridge. More importantly is these strings feel and sound great on my Gibson. The tension of all four strings is natural and musical. Add the fact that James Jamerson used La Bella flats on his '62 all stock Precision and the case is very strong for La Bella flats. As a beginner, I couldn't be happier with my setup.
By L. Rob Wipf
May 23, 2011
LaBella Beatle Bass Flat Wound Strings
I LOVE THESE STRINGS!!! So smooth to the fingers, nice warm tones! I'll never use another string on my Rogue VB100. Thanks for the craftsmanship.
By Dean
February 18, 2011
La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Hofner Beatle Bass Flat Wound
Best strings for an Hofner.
By john
December 11, 2010
La Bella Beatle Flats
I put this set on an Eastwood Club Bass, a replica of the Hofner. They fit perfectly and sound amazing. Great service over the phone as well!
By Vonruper
November 19, 2010
LaBella 760FHBB For Hofner Beatle Bass
Did not fit on my '67 Hofner 500/1 Beatle Bass - the wrap extended a 1/4 of an inch on the fingerboard side of the net.
By john miniaci
October 23, 2010
strings 760fhbb
I love the way they make my hofner sound. I have another hofner bass so I will soon order another set for that one. What can I say except great ......
By Brian Poovec
September 28, 2010
La Bella Hofner 760FHBB
These strings are tensioned perfectly and do not have that dreaded dead low "E" floppiness. The tone is extremely velvety on my Jay Turser Hofner copy.
By Wil
February 22, 2010
La Bella's on a 70's Univox violin bass
These strings actually fit on a Univox (Raven) hollow body / violin bass!
They play well although they feel a tiny bit tight. The sound is nice and rounded and definitely brings the hollow sound out. I am happy with my purchase.
By stephen frary
January 22, 2010
La Bella Bass Flat Wounds
Love Them. Have had on all the Beatle & Club Basses I have owned. Great service and fair prices. Very quick delivery. sf
By Jim
January 17, 2010
Here come ol' flatwound...
Just strung my Rouge VB-100 with these bad boys and they were a perfect fit. Nice tension, great sound and feel.
By Robert Greene
November 24, 2009
LaBella Beatle Bass Flats
These LaBella "Beatle Bass" flatwound strings are THE strings to use on the Hofner Violin Bass and copies. Period.

'nuff said






1st G

Flat Wound Stainless Steel



2nd D

Flat Wound Stainless Steel



3rd A

Flat Wound Stainless Steel



4th E

Flat Wound Stainless Steel




(Registered trademark of Hofner Guitars)

"This set is made up of special lengths and gauges. Each hand-made flat wound stainess steel string is calibrated to fit the three different bridge types made by Hofner."


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