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La Bella Classical Guitar Studio, 413P

La Bella Classical Guitar Studio, 413P
La Bella
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By Justin
New York City
Great Company Great Products!
May 27, 2022
all none
By Larry
Rockland County, NY
La Bella Classical Studio 413P
September 3, 2021
At last I found the right strings for my old Yamaha. The base EAD are great. GBE are wonderful. I've been looking for the right strings for this guitar for several years. To be honest, the price held me back from trying them before. Treb's were always good on other strings, the problem was the base strings. I gave in to the higher price and have to admit I wish I did years ago. It's all about the music. Not the money.
All guitars and playing styles are different. If you're happy, stick with what you have. If your not happy, reach out for other strings. LaBella 413P made me happy.
All pro No cons
By Dennis
Effortless playing with these strings
July 10, 2021
I play professionally in different settings, and sometime as a soloist and have used the 413P on my Spanish made Alhambra and Camps and with no squeak (which my wife hates to hear 🙂), I can concentrate on just playing, not covering up the string squeak that is so often heard.
They are QUIET!
I will always be using La Bella 413P STUDIO as long as they keep making them!
By Mark
Very good
December 19, 2020
Flat wound classic strings! Who knew? They are noiseless, as promised. I have them on my old Takemine 132 CE. Great unplugged and plugged in.
By Arnulfo
Guitarra clasica
July 19, 2020
no recomiendo estas cuerdas si persigues sonidos con buena melod?a .
son exageradamente gruesas y sordas.
ninguno pesimo sonido en mi guitarra clasica Ramirez caras. no las pude usar por su mal sonido
By Riccardo M.
La Bella Classical Guitar Studio 413P
June 28, 2015
There is nothing in this world that makes you play (sound) better.


Divine .... 413P....la bella
By Bill J.
November 18, 2013
Zero string squeak and the tone is nice and deep. I run my guitar through a USB interface which is connected to computer effects. I use headphones so I guess I'm using these strings in a studio environment. Also, I'm using a Mini Mic 2 system on my Cordoba C3M. My 200 buck guitar sounds excellent using these strings.
By Steven
Tonal quality, feel and presence
May 21, 2012
I must say that after receiving this set of strings and having used just about every brand on the market, this set of strings is astounding!!! The gold plating may be the secret. A balanced tonality across all strings is present and the feel is absolutely amazing. Though seemingly smaller in gauge and feel, the sound is extremely robust and rich. I guess you can tell by the length of this review that I'm sold. This set is a keeper. I cannot envision changing strings ever again. Kudos to the stringmakers at Labella. This one is a HIT!
By Clee7s
La Bella Classical Guitar Studio, 413P
August 4, 2011
Excellent strings.Nothing else to wish for in performance.Above average longevity.Highly recommended.
By Joe M.
La Bella Classical Guitar Studio, 413P
April 7, 2011
Wonderfully quiet, responsive and durable. Opens doors to musical dynamics in a new dimension. Fully worth the price.
LaBella Classical Studio 413P
January 9, 2011
Nice strings. I used them on a 1973 "Hirade" and they sound very nice. Very good projection and little, if any string buzz. Time will tell how long they hold up, as I just put them on a couple of weeks ago. They are as good as the "Hannabach Goldin" which I used before. " La Bella's" have a nice feel to them, they feel comfortable.
By Joe
January 6, 2011
To whom it may concern,
I have purchased more than $200 worth of strings from you this past year. I have 4 guitars that I keep strung and one being made. All of the strings I have used and am using have met my expectations with one set exceeding them.
Thank you for your continuing excellent service.

Joe G
By Michael J.
La Bella Classical Guitar Studio Strings 413P
February 12, 2010
I'm still experimenting with strings on my new Kenny Hill Hauser '37. These strings were great from the moment I put them on. Lots of punch, yet very clear and rounded in soft playing. I chose the hard strings since the Hill guitar has a truss rod and can handle stiffer strings. This enables me to avoid any string buzz (on frets or on adjacent fingers) and provides a clear, ringing tone. Finally, the bass strings are sort of flat wound (not all the way, kind of a hybrid) with the raspy edge taken. This means far less "finger zoot" (noise while moving finger across string). These are really good strings!
By Daniel M.
La Bella 413p strings
February 2, 2010
I am a professional recording artist. www.markoya.com

I have been playing the guitar for over 40 years.
I have taught classical guitar. I have owned 2 music stores and bought and sold thousands of guitar strings. I have had the opportunity to try quite a few guitar strings.


Why? No squeaking... the 4th (D) string does not break at the second fret prematurely as most other classical guitar strings do. And if need be you can leave them on your guitar for 6 months and they will still sound reasonable. Try that with another set of strings.

I have bought and sold thousands of guitars in addition to strings and sound systems, etc. etc. Out of all the musical equipment that I have worked with the only endorsement I have ever given is for this set of strings!

The only thing I would like to change about La Bella 413p strings... the price to come down:)
By Richard H.
La Bella 413p Studio Professional Strings
December 1, 2009
We've usde the LaBella 413P strings for about the last five years on both our classical guitars, and have found them to be excellent. While they take a while to settle in, once they do the sound is brilliant, well sustained, and has good volume. They also outlast anything else we've used very significantly. They are a little hard to find in our region, tho...
By Peter
La Bella Classical Guitar Studio, 413P
September 24, 2009
I am a Classical Guitar student and I am not impressed with these strings.






1st E

Clear Nylon



2nd B

Clear Nylon



3rd G

Clear Nylon



4th D

Flat Wound Bronze



5th A

Flat Wound Bronze



6th E

Flat Wound Bronze




Professional Series


"First developed in the Seventies, the Professional Series product line were the first classical guitar and lute sets to be offered in a wide variety of gauges. They have been acclaimed by concert guitarists, lutenists and prominent teachers and even used by such great luthiers as Del Pilar, Rubio, Papazian, Van Lennep and Gurian. The Professional Series have been the preferred strings by a whole generation of great artists including:

Laurindo Almeida, Julian Beam, Mario Escudero, Maria Luisa Anido, Sabicas & Rey de la Torre

The Professional Series strings are still the standard for excellence expected by all serious guitarists. No single set of strings can possibly bring out the finest qualities of every type of guitar or best suit the varied technique and styles of every guitarist. This product line offers some distinctive designs to perfectly satisfy the demands of professional concert performers.

A unique design, the 413P Studio set has clear high-density nylon trebles and polished wound basses. The world's first noice-free classical guitar strings, this set has precision polished basses. The painstaking process of polishing wound strings smoothens the surface using a stone-grinding method. This helps in eliminating the harsh squeak when shifting positions or playing a glissando. Recently improved with a new construction for increased quality and consistency, the 413P Studio strings are the preferred choice of artist's for both concert performances and studio recordings.


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