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La Bella Electric Guitar Stainless Steel Flat Wound, .011 - .050, 20PL

La Bella Electric Guitar Stainless Steel Flat Wound, .011 - .050, 20PL
La Bella
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By Doug
Grand Forks, BC
Hoping this is a jinxed set....
January 13, 2019
So, I put a set (12-52) on my hollow body, wooden bridge, sound great, no issues. Love the tone and feel. 5 stars on that review...

Put this set on my semi-hollow (Epi Sheraton II)...well the top four strings are fine, but the 6th and 5th are terrible, I can get them to intonate at all. Tweaked the set up, string height, truss rod, nothing - the open string itself warbles, If I tune it dead on open, the 12th fret is 30cents flat at best. The Low E is the exact opposite - open E and 12th harmonic spot on, but everything else is 15-20 cents sharp. I hope I got a wonky set. Think I'll do the Joe Pass thing and simply put some round wounds on the 6th and 5th, leaving the flats on the 4th & 3rd, because the E and A from this set are unusable.
By Chuck
Absolutely Great Strings
December 24, 2015
Have been using GHS Compound Nickel Medium Strings (Set 1810) for several years. Just a few days ago, decided to change to the La Bella Strings. I remembered that I tried them a few years ago, the same brand Norman Brown used. Bought 2 sets and put one set on my guitar. After playing for a little while I remember now why I tried them the first time. These strings feel good to the touch of, very smooth, silky and quiet. Shipping was absolutely fast received them in 2 days Wow.
By Warren
Great Tone!
February 9, 2015
Just a note, the LaBella product number is 20P for all their flat wound strings. The L,M,H etc. means light, medium, and heavy. The third string is wound on all the flat sets.

I bought these to replace the factory Chromes on my new Ibanez AF255, which are said to be .09-.42. What an improvement in tone! These strings are mellow with a great bottom end. There is a lot more "complexity" to the midrange and the overall tone. They are sounding better the more I play, too. I think I have found my new go to flat wounds.

They are not a bad price in the world of strings these days and I don't mind paying a few extra dollars for a superior string. Plus they throw in an extra B and E string in case they break. Highly Recommended!
By vj
Wound 3rd string
July 10, 2011
First I'd like to correct the specs on this item. In spite of the "PL" suffix, the 3rd string on this set is wound, not plain.

Now, on to my impressions: I've tried four different brands of flat wound strings on my Archtop, and these are my current favorite. I did try the La Bella 20PCM (12s) set, but found them just a little too stiff feeling.

These strings have a nice attack, yet are mellower than round wounds. They are also very smooth feeling, which is what you want in flatwounds anyway.

These strings cost a bit more than I think a set of strings should cost, but they are not the most expensive flatwounds either. Also, I've had the current set on for a couple of months, playing about 2 hours per day, and they still sound fine.

If you are switching from a set of round-wound 12s, this might be a nice set for trying flat wounds. Although I could not find tension information on these strings, it is my understanding that flat wounds tend to be higher tension than their corresponding round wound counterparts. I definitely find that flat wound 12s feel stiffer than round wound 12s. I do sometimes change from round to flat and back again.

Finally, I should say that I had a leftover set of 12 and 16 1st and 2nd strings leftover from a 20PCM set, which I used to replace the 11 and and 15s on this set, and I really like this combination. It would be nice if I could buy individual LaBella strings so that I could make up this custom set.

All in all, definitely worth a try if you are checking out flatwounds!
By Daniel K.
La Bella flatwound .11-.52 light set
November 9, 2010
Got these to replace my favorite Gibson flatwound strings (Flatwires-out of production) and at first was a bit disappointed by their slightly more stiff feeling on my '68 Guild T100 slim jim thineline, but after playing them awhile, I felt as though they almost adjusted to me! The tone was nice and with plenty of clarity but also huge low end too. These are among the best I have found and I do recommend them to anyone searching a brighter flatwound. Also,they last forever! The stiffness gives way after several hours break in time also. The Bigsby also seemed happy with these strings which isn't always so easy a marriage.
These professional Jazz Guitar Strings are made to fit archtops and hollow-body guitars, therefore are NOT suitable for standard solid body guitars with 25.5” or 24.75” scale like a Stratocaster or Les Paul model.

Wound length of each strings is 36″ (distance from ball-end to silk); only the silk portion should wrap around the tuning post






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Stainless Steel Flat Wound



4th D

Stainless Steel Flat Wound



5th A

Stainless Steel Flat Wound



6th E

Stainless Steel Flat Wound




Flat Wound Stainless

"The original set design for electric guitar, the Flat Wound Stainless series are the first ribbon-wire wrapped strings. Developed in 1940 by La Bella, these strings are manufactured for all types of electric pick-ups. With a high magnetic content for increased electronic output, their smooth surface eliminates finger noise and string squeaks. Flat Wound Stainless sets have a very bright sound, a smooth feel and a long playing life. They are the first choice of many Jazz, Pop and Country guitarists."

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