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Ken Smith Electric Bass Slick Round Nickel Iron Round Wound, .040 - .103, AA-SRL

Ken Smith Electric Bass Slick Round Nickel Iron Round Wound, .040 - .103, AA-SRL
Ken Smith
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By nick v.
Bass Strings
March 4, 2015
These are one of my top 2 favorite strings of all time......
By Benjamin
Great for fretless
February 18, 2013
I bought these to get a different sound from my fretless bass (tuned tenor with a high C). I had been using GHS flatwounds, but I wanted to try a string that would bring out that growly tone out of my fretless. These are the ones! Using it with the high C .028, the sound is really balanced from string to string with no dead spots and they feel great.

Like a previous reviewer said great hifi sound, and if you want a "upright-ish" tone look up a set of flatwounds.
By Joshua C.
May 8, 2010
I have a couple of fretless basses; one is setup with some nylon tapewound strings to get a really funky old school tone. The other is set up to sound more modern, hi-fi. Well, after searching a good long while for a sensible string for this bass that would really allow it to shine without painting it into a corner (rounds are just too bright, flats are just too warm) I found these strings and love them. Keep in mind that I was really skeptical--I actually tried GHS Brite Flats first with more enthusiasm. But the GHS strings were overly bright and had dead spots in a couple of places. I had these strings lying around (in the same gauges as the Brite Flats no less) and slapped them on my fretless... well what do you know! They are definitely bright and sizzly when you are aiming for that but unlike the Brite Flats they seem to have a semblance of true low-tension (think TI JF344s) kind of warmth when played softly. I have been using them to play a lot of modern jazz with some really great tones resulting--no it doesn't sound like an upright, it sounds like a truly modern, fully-evolved fretless. Really a lovely tone.

I don't agree with the other reviewer that these strings are grabby. Unless your fingers can only tolerate TIs or D'Addario Chromes, these things are hardly grabby at all--worlds better than D'Addario Half-Rounds, many ground-wounds, GHS Brite Flats, and of course round wounds. And the price is nice. Try them!
By Fernand
well, hmmm
March 30, 2010
I got these as I had Thomastik Flatwounds on this fretless and I wanted more bite. So I got it. To my fingers mostly. OK, yes on the mag pickups I get a little more high end, but on the piezos I can't tell the diff. that's flattering for ken Smith as the Jazz Flat Thomastiks are THE strings, but then they have a rough surface that will no doubt lose it's brightness as soon as they wear dwon enough not to chew your fingers. Can't win for losing. Still, I am happy to have these, I can install them on this short scale bass in about 10 minutes and sometimes it feels right to do that to record a specific track.






1st G

Nickel-Iron Alloy Round Wound



2nd D

Nickel-Iron Alloy Round Wound



3rd A

Nickel-Iron Alloy Round Wound



4th E

Nickel-Iron Alloy Round Wound




The Slick Round Bass Series


A Nickel-Iron Alloy Round Wound that has been ground on the outer surface for a super smooth feel. The sound is "Fat" and Bright. 38" winding length.

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