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Ken Smith Electric Bass Burners NPS Nickel Plated Round Wound, .030 - .090, AA-BBUL

Ken Smith Electric Bass Burners NPS  Nickel Plated Round Wound, .030 - .090, AA-BBUL
Ken Smith
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By Jamie A.
West Michigan
Bright and Light
December 22, 2019
These strings are very bright sounding for NPS, the brightest nickels that I can recall ever using (and I go through quite a lot of strings). They are so light (90-30) that I don't feel like I can really tell how much low and mids they are capable of. I had a set of Boomers in this gauge that I really liked for a while when I first started getting back into playing bass after five years of playing electric guitar. The light strings were just what I needed when I was getting my hands back into shape. Now that I have been playing for a while and have my hand strength back I feel like the 90-30 set it too light. The Burners are brighter and not quite as smooth feeling as the Boomers. I think these Burners would work good for R&B and funk, as well as some agrressive rock as they definitely cut right thru. I think I will try a pair that are a bit heavier gauge, like a 95-40 or 100-40. I think those gauges would be perfect for some of the progressive rock music I am doing now. I do really like the cutting highs the Burners have, A heavier gauge with more beef to it would really kill I think. I will write another review when I try a heavier gauge set.
Prosbright cutting tone, flexible feel, they get an edge when using some dirt/distortion. When played clean they get a very modern R& B funk sound.
ConsA little too thin, they get a bit to loose and loose too much of the meat in the tone. They make 95-35 and 100-40 sets that I can't wait to try next.






1st G

Nickel Plated Steel Wound



2nd D

Nickel Plated Steel Wound



3rd A

Nickel Plated Steel Wound



4th E

Nickel Plated Steel Wound




Bass Burner NPS Series

The Bass Burners NPS, featuring our custom string design, is a round wound nickel plated steel string. These are the brightest nickel strings that you will find anywhere with the added advantage of longer fret life due to less fret wear than with normal steel strings. 38" winding length except .110 and .115 which are 36.5" winding length.

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