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Ken Smith Classical Guitar Strings

Ken Smith has been handcrafting custom basses for over 30 years from his shop in Pennsylvania. The company also produces top-of-the-line strings for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. The "Crystal Classics" Ken Smith classical guitar strings feature nylon trebles and silver-plated basses. The coverings for the bass strings are made from silver-plated copper. This material is wound over the multi-strand nylon core. This creates a string that has perfect intonation with a comfortable feel and a crisp, clear tone. The medium tension strings range from .029 to .043 gauges, while the high-tension strings have gauges between .029 and .044. The silver plating over the copper wire gives you brightness along with long-lasting durability. As Smith Strings are not available at major chain stores, we're proud to be able to offer them here to you at our competitive prices.
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