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Kaplan Violin

Providing violin players the rich tonal sound of a high quality steel E string, D’Addario’s Kaplan violin strings are specifically designed to accommodate different player and performance needs. Whether you are looking for a light tension Kaplan violin string for better response or heavy tension for increased projection, D’Addario provides an array of E string options. Kaplan strings include plain steel, aluminum wound, gold-plated and silver wound E strings. A popular Kaplan violin string is the unique non-whistling E string. Designed specifically to eliminate the whistling sound produced when crossing from a lower string, the innovative Kaplan violin string features a steel core and aluminum winding. Not only does the string help eliminate whistling, the E string produces a rich, warm tone and blends seamlessly with lower strings. Designed and manufactured in the United States, Kaplan violin strings are shipped in corrosion-resistant packaging, ensuring your strings arrive in pristine condition.
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