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JustStrings.com Instrument Care

Get the peerless cleaning of microfiber with JustString.com’s extra large, polishing cloth. This 12” x 11˝” workhorse gets your instrument clean and helps extend the life of your strings. The key is in the fibers. Microfiber has a mix of polyester — for cleaning and polishing — and polyamide — for absorption of liquid and oils. On top of that, the unique way the fibers are split gives a teeth-like arrangement that get underneath dirt and liquid to lift them off the surface. Compare that to natural fiber cloth and some other synthetics, which merely smear dirt and fluid around the surface for a clean appearance. And JustStrings.com extra large micro-fiber polishing cloth doesn’t just do it once. Simply wash and reuse for the same cleaning power over and over again. JustStrings.com Instrument Care gives you the fantastic prices of JustStrings.com and top of the line products for a new looking instrument onstage.
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