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JustStrings.com Flat Pick 5-Pack Cream, .071, F71

JustStrings.com Flat Pick 5-Pack Cream, .071, F71
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By Richard C.
Cincinnati, OH
My Flat Pick "Goldilocks"
November 5, 2021

For me, a new guitar triggers the search for the perfect tone. That includes the "perfect" pick. When I bought strings from juststrings.com they included a "gift" package of these picks, so they were part of my collection. After trying all of the fifteen or so different varieties, they emerged as having not only the best tone, but superior endurance.

And to top it all off, when I found an error in my order, juststrings went "above and beyond" to make it right.
A bit more flexible than my usual "medium" pick; lasts much longer than celluloid.
By Oliver
Portsmouth NH
Surprisingly great picks.
August 30, 2021
Several years ago I ordered some strings and also received a little pack of freebie picks. They turned out to be some of the best picks I’ve ever played. Medium thin and even good for jazz, which is what I mainly play. To me, the best picks for the price. I ordered a bunch more.
By Brent
Great pics!
April 6, 2020
Used these for years, just the right gauge and feel.
By Jeannie S.
These picks are a unicorn for jazz
December 12, 2019
No matter which picks I try I always end up back using these. The plastic they are made of and the thickness is perfect for a nice and VERY clear sounding pop. Very little pick noise at all. I do use the top corners of the picks to play instead of the point (as with all picks that I use). They sound fantastic, the best I can describe them is very 'clear' sounding. With all the picks I have in a pile, playing the guitar for 30 years, I always reach for these.
-Clear sounding -Very little pick noise -Perfect thickness -Perfect stiffness -Great grip -Inexpensive The logo is a little on the cheesy side
By Michael
Niagara Falls NY
The only pick I use
November 22, 2019
I've been using Fender picks since the 60's. As another reviewer noted, I got some Just Strings picks with an order and they have become the only pick I use. To my mind, they offer the perfect ratio of thickness to stiffness to surface hardness. It's a thin pick with seems relatively stiffer than a Fender of similar thickness. My analysis of the effect of this is that you get a the harder, more definite string strike - which somehow gives you the clarity of a thin pick with the solid-thunk and control of a thick one. I play more accurately, and it's easier to switch emphasis between single string runs and strums. I used to switch picks between different types of songs, now I never do.
Hardness, thickness, feel, longevity. None!
By daniel
White Lake, Ontario
Free vs $50+ ?
June 1, 2019
I have a lot of picks. I mean, A LOT. Thick, slim, in between. Expensive, cheap, free. I have paid over $50 for a certain brand of picks (named for a color...) and I have paid even more for tortoise shell picks from Japan. Anyway, I got these here free with a string order a good while back and, lately, that is all I use. There really is such a thing as a "free lunch" sometimes!
By Joshua B.
Just Strings picks
January 22, 2018
like other reporting, these were free with my string order. I've played Fender mediums since forever as they were what were always available. These JS picks are great. It's true they're easier to grip and don't slide. That in itself changes how you pick and strum. I've alway held the pick wrong with two fingers on the bottom and thumb. OK, so now I hold the pick the right way and I credit the JS pick for this. Who'd imagine?
By Jim N.
Fine picks
May 25, 2016
In January of 2015 I received a few free samples of your picks with my first order of bulk strings.

I really like both so I ordered your JUST STRINGS picks along with more bulk strings.

The picks are like no others I've used and after 50 years "in search of the perfect pick" I was really surprised and pleased.
By Al F.
Nice picks for bass
July 6, 2015
I've experimented with various picks for the bass guitar, and these are one of my favorites. Not too flexible, not too stiff, and give a tone I like. For a mellow sound, heavier picks are better, but for the "ProgRock" kind of sounds, I like these best. Not that I can play ProgRock :). I get these when I order strings, but if needed, I would order them.
By Scott
Excellent Pick
May 17, 2015
Got these free from juststrings.com and now they are about the only pick I use! Perfect "in between" pick thickness for both strumming and lead, they are smooth surfaced, but somehow 'stick' and hold into your fingers for better grip and it gives the guitar such a beautiful mid-ranged tone. Not too bright and sparkly and not too drab underwater sounding. Nice middle range tone. The action of the pick off the strings feel nice too, without too much pick noise or string 'snap' so you get more of the guitar's tonewood tone. Love em'!
By Stu J.
Awesome picks
April 16, 2015
As stated before by others, these picks came as a freebee with my string order and I also have an issue with picks moving around in my hand until I get warmed up, but these just stuck from the get go. I love them and am thrilled that they are an item I can buy so I can get more. Have tried all others, Dunlop tortex, jazz picks, fenders, and they all slide around. These don't...How come? different materiel??

59' Gibson J-200E Custom
93' Ovation Celebrity Deluxe
90's' Taylor 12 String
15' Breedlove Mahogany 6
By Dan K.
These picks are great
January 13, 2015
Don't ask me why, but they do just seem to stay in your grip. I always figured that they weren't anything special, but I do luv em....Crazy World, ain't it? :)
By Daniel L.
September 13, 2014
I absolutely love these picks! They're great for using with my 7 string!
By JimB
Good Picks
March 1, 2014
I usually use Fender medium but been having a problem hanging on to them lately. I've tried several different types and all were so-so but no cigar.
I received a free pack of juststrings.com with my string order and it was love at first pluck. They are just like Fender medium but they don't slip and are exactly what I have been looking for. Who knew?
By John M.
September 7, 2012
Received a free pack with a order for some strings and other picks. I have square hands and fingers and have a hard time holding onto small picks. These are just the right size. Went right into my bouzouki case. I will have to order some more next time. Very nice.
By Heidi P.
August 8, 2011
Great, especially for the price.
By GearJunky
juststrings picks
July 14, 2011
Just right.
By Marco
Should be available in heavy
November 30, 2010
Good cheap pick that's not cheep in quality! Just strings is fast and dependable got my order on time.
By Aaron V.
juststrings.com picks
November 2, 2010
What a great pick! I just ran out of my usual picks and didn't have time to order more. So on my way out the door to my gig I picked up the little package of picks that came with my string order. Incredible, they don't break. They just slowly wear out. And they play great!
By Fernando
March 4, 2010
I am happy with the service and the products.
By Rev L.
Just Strings Flat Picks
September 3, 2009
When JustStrings started sending samples along with my string orders, I just ignored them. But along the way I started to recognize the subtle differences in tone that resulted from different pick materials and thicknesses, especially when played hard. So I tried the JustStrings Picks. They are now my favorite. Somehow they better emphasize the power and tone of the guitar without causing the strings to twang or distort when played hard.

Great picks. I will order them in quantity, but I hope they don't stop sending the samples.
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