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JustStrings.com Bulk Strings - Plain Steel .014, Bulk Pack of 12, 014P

JustStrings.com Bulk Strings -  Plain Steel .014, Bulk Pack of 12, 014P
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By Ted
July 24, 2011
e's & b's
These are perfect - excellent quality, sound good, excellent price. Thanks for the picks!
By jim cullen
March 18, 2011
great strings
Great strings, great service, great price! You guys must have tiger blood!
By Kerry Learned
November 9, 2010
Plain steel strings in bulk
I like to change individual strings sometimes and of course it's nice to have singles for when you break strings so you don't have to bust up a new set, besides I use an unconventional mixture of sizes so with the bulk strings I don't have to canniblize two sets. Been happy with these plain steel strings and they're an excellent deal.
By Mike
October 29, 2010
.14 plain steel
Love it, use it as a high E on my archtop. Brightens up my dark sound and is very reasonably priced. Makes me able to change my strings as often as I need instead of when I buy them.
By Clyde
September 30, 2010
Bulk Strings
Excellent strings at a fair price. Highly

By Mike Kent
June 30, 2010
All strings are good, and fairly priced.
By Barry Calverley
February 10, 2010
Bulk Strings
Buying the strings in bulk packs works great for me. I use them for instrument making workshops, so we can get through a few.
By Christine
November 28, 2009
Superb strings for little cash-How do they do it?
I bought a set of 12 of these strings to use along side other "extra light" strings. After they settled in, the sound is crisp and sparkling! I now have 12 sets of extra light strings to enjoy at less than $3.50 per set. I am not sure how they can sell such good quality for such little cost.. They sond as good as the a set of CF Martin at about one third the price. Load up before the boss figures out the value of these strings.
By edwininhouston
November 3, 2009
014 bulk strings
Outstanding!! I like the top strings of an 011-049 set, and the bottom strings of an 010-046 set. Now I can do it without breaking the bank. Thanks.
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