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John Pearse® Classical Guitar Thomastik John Pearse Strings Silver Plated/Nylon Wound Ball End .016 - .043, THO (PJ116)

John Pearse® Classical Guitar Thomastik John Pearse Strings Silver Plated/Nylon Wound Ball End .016 - .043, THO (PJ116)
John Pearse
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By Owlg
Light Tension for Elderly Guitars
August 6, 2022
I have an 1890~ era Parlor guitar that needed light strings similar to steel but with nylon tension to preserve the construction of the guitar's bridge. These do this job very well for this guitar.
  • Nylon wrapped steel!
  • expensive!
By Don
Plain City, Utah
Great for finger picking
August 3, 2022
Great improvement on the playability and sound of my Alhambra Crossover guitar. Sound and feel great when played unplugged or plugged in. I know the guitar has much to do with that, but it helps to have the right strings. These are the right strings!
  • Everything
  • As always with good strings -price
By Michael K.
Great Stringsv j
June 22, 2022
Fast shipping… great product… A++++
By Ernie S.
Sebastian, Florida
Great playability and great tone.
June 2, 2022
Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.
  • Great playability and Great tone.
  • None. Worth it.
By michael m.
Pittsburgh PA
John Pearce Nylon by Thomastik
November 3, 2021
As we all do, I have been searching for the set of strings to accompany my hybrid style of gypsy jazz and finger style blues … I feel these are an amazing set that allows me to did both … I play a Yamaha NTX 700 and these string are amazing!
By sms
Hyannis, MA
Great if you know what you are looking for
August 26, 2021
I love these strings and use them on a 1982 Gibson Chet Atkins solid body classical. They have low tension and are easy to play. With these, I can get nylon sounds, steel string sounds and even some electric sounds.

They are not for everyone, but they are worth a try.
  • Low tension
  • Versatility
  • They wear out pretty fast if you are playing regularly.
By Phil
San Luis Obispo, CA
What a Great Surprise!
April 20, 2021
I've primarily been a steel-string acoustic player since the 70's. Fingers are a little tired now so I invested in a Martin 000C Nylon to give 'em a break. The Magnifico strings it came with are my favorite nylon set but I was really missing a brighter treble tone. Tried several sets that my local music store suggested to no avail. Then I came across the John Pearse Folk sent and won't ever use anything else. I don't play classical or flamenco styles, just finger-picking and strumming when I sing. I don't know exactly how to describe this set since it has the tension of regular nylon but sounds like a very light set of steel strings. Not quite as loud of course, but very well balanced articulation in bass, midrange and treble output. Exactly what I was looking for. They're a little pricey so hopefully they will last a good long while. But I'm used to changing out steels frequently so no big deal. When amplified with my onboard pickup system they sound beautiful, although I usually play without the electronics for my own pleasure. I highly recommend this set and think it would great for beginners as well as seasoned players who would appreciate a hybrid option for their nylon strung guitars. I noticed some players here are putting them on their steel string acoustics with good results too. Absolutely no disappointments with this unique string set.
  • Easy on the fingers with regular nylon tension
  • Characteristic tone somewhere between nylon and steel strung acoustics
  • Great for finger-picking and light strumming
  • Makes a classical or nylon folk guitar a multi-purpose instrument
  • A little pricey, but worth it
By Gary
Chula Vista, CA
A Unique String
December 19, 2020
I have many guitars and restring them frequently, taking the opportunity to try out different brands, gauges, and materials. The differences are notable, and some I like better than others.

Thomastik-Infeld has always made superior strings, so I was eager to try a set of these John Pearse/Thomastik "Folk" on one of my nylon-strung guitars (Yamaha AEX500NS).

What a delight! These strings are very different from any other string.

1. The feel of these strings is soft soft like extra light steel, but with much more effective tension. The touch is quick and precise.

2. The sound is extraordinary. They have a remarkable sustain, and ring with crisp responsiveness, allowing for wide dynamic range.

3. The construction of these strings, 3 nylon tape wound on rope core (1st, 2nd,3rd,) and 3 silverplated copper flat wound on rope core (4th, 5th, 6th), is like none other I have ever played. The set comprises surprising gages (.016-.039). Yet they sing in amazing harmony, fresh and bright after many hours of playing. The guitar I have them on is a solid body electric nylon-string guitar. Excellent instrument, but as is typical with such electric NS guitars, the pickups are characteristically weak (without the possibility of an internal mic.) These Pearse/Thomastik strings COMPLETELY OVERCOME all such concerns. Based on the metal composition they are perfect when on electric or acoustic instruments.

The makers and purveyors of these strings assisted me with a concern I had after my first purchase. I received outstanding attention and care in resolving my issue, and came away with a belief that Pearse, Thomastik, and JustStrings all had my satisfaction as their top priority. Sensational companies.

  • Excellent sustain, unique touch sense, long string life, electric and acoustic appropriate.
  • Dependably excellent string-makers.
  • A bit pricey, but ABSOLUTELY worth it.
By Anonymous
The best yet:
September 24, 2020
I put these strings on my Gretsch Jumbo Rancher electric acoustic guitar. It never sounded so good. My next set will be for my Alvarez classical. Can't wait to hear how that will sound.
By Joanna
Augusta, ME
Best ever sound from my Yairi
August 1, 2020
I have a Yairi & Son guitar. I love the bright tones of the John Pearse Classic strings. I wish I had known about them years ago. They bring out the best in this guitar.
By G H.
Pearse Strings
November 9, 2019
These are perfect for my old 1901 Martin.
By Bob H.
Wonderful on my Cordoba GK Pro Negra
July 10, 2017
Great clarity and projection, substantially better than the OEM Savarez strings that came with this guitar. I always get good results with strings made by Thomastik Infeld even when they have the John Pearse label on them!
By Mark
May 5, 2015
I put these strings on my classical La Patrie Concert CW. It was as if I bought a whole new Guitar with unbelievable clarity and brightness. The trebles are really up there with very responsive voices. The bass strings came alive with balance, prior to this it was too booming, now like I said, it is like owning a new guitar. The ball end really makes installation very easy. These strings brought out the true tone that this guitar had in it all along. When its plugged in to an amp it is just the ultimate guitar for the money. This set up gives my other expensive Ramirez R1 CWE some serious competition.
By mike i.
Great strings
February 25, 2013
These are the strings I've been looking for! I'm an older guy now, and I need strings that are easy on my hands. I bought a nylon guitar so I can keep playing the guitar and then found out these stings are ok for a nylon guitar. Very, very pleased!! I don't know why you can't find more stings like these.
By Rick
John Pearse Folk Strings
September 19, 2011
Having a dark sounding Yamaha G225, I am always looking for a bright set of strings. Every string set I 've tried manufactured by Thomastik-Infed has been excellent. These are outstanding! The tone is bright, clear, and project better than anything that I have used on a classical guitar. This is a premium quality product. You get what you pay for.
By Ruben
Almost Perfect
May 13, 2011
I love the John Pearse strings. They give the extra zing to your nylon string guitar. However I ended up replacing the high E string with a regular low tension Nylon string because it made my guitar sound too much like an acoustic steel string guitar. Now I have a nice balanced sound. But for you these strings may be perfect just as they are. They will definitely change the tone of your guitar towards the steel string sound but without the tension. I don't think I will go back to regular Nylons again.
By Kevin P.
John Pearse/Tomastick Folk Strings
April 30, 2011
I've been using these for some years now on my Godin Multiac Nylon classical and ACS guitars.
The trebles blow every thing out there away without a doubt. All other nylon treble strings would be better off using a rubber band; and yes I've tried them all. My only wish would be that the Bass strings were some what higher in tension; this would be my only gripe. However there is nothing else like these out there and even though I've tried the recommended new technologies in nylon strings I end up regretting the expense and wonder why I bothered. The sensible graduation of the strings is a mighty plus instead of finding a thick dull G string and proceeding into rubberband territory.
By stan h.
Thomastik J.P.
April 24, 2011
Perfect for my Martin 0-16NY with classic neck but designed for light steel also.
They play easy and pretty.

Only drawback, some strings have produced unexplained undamped high harmonic ringing. When that happened I put tiny paper in nut groove.
By John H.
May 24, 2010
These are fantastic strings and I wish I
found them a lot sooner.
By Rick
John Pearse/T-I Folk Strings
March 12, 2010
These are fabulous strings for older guitars where string tension may be an issue. They are not tinny sounding like other Folk strings.
By Bruce F.
Great strings.
October 12, 2009
For classical, flamenco, folk, & popular styles of music. These are the most amazing treble strings out there. Yes they are bright, but that's what makes them so versatile. With a rope core covered in nylon; this is the most unique string on the market. So thanks, Thomastik-Infeld for creating these strings.
John Pearse® Classical Guitar Thomastik John Pearse Strings Silver Plated/Nylon Wound Ball End .016 - .043, THO (PJ116)






1st E

Nylon Flat Wound on Steel Core



2nd B

Nylon Flat Wound on Steel Core



3rd G

Nylon Flat Wound on Steel Core



4th D

Round Wound on Nylon Core



5th A

Round Wound on Nylon Core



6th E

Round Wound on Nylon Core




John PearseÒ Strings

"English studio musician John Pearse first began researching into music string manufacture in the mid-sixties. The first person, ever, to teach guitar on television - his BBC lessons have been seen in six countries while his PBS series, STRINGALONG, was shown in most US television markets whilst becoming perhaps the best selling video guitar course both nationally and internationally. He is the author of some forty books on such diverse subjects as instrument building and technique- to cooking and the traditional art of fly fishing! In 1965 John began his collaboration with British Music Strings, a London string maker, to develop a guitar string with both a longer life and a more accurate vibrating and nodal pattern. His designs were so successful that, over the years, both British Music Strings and Thomastik marketed strings under his name. John also designed string lines for Bourne Guitars and Jay Associates, makers of the Jester guitar line.

In 1978 he came to the United States to develop a unique line of accessories for the C.F.Martin Company. It was here that he again met dulcimist Mary Faith Rhoads. After eighteen months, he decided to leave Martin, and, with Mary Faith, started Breezy Ridge Instruments to produce the Breezy Ridge Hammer Dulcimer. His revolutionary design proved itself to be the best sounding Hammer Dulcimer ever made. Next came a line of music strings designed especially for the professional musician. Within months, word of these exciting strings had spread across the country and pressure from both the public and beleaguered dealers had persuaded John and Mary Faith to make their line available to stores and things have just kept growing since then!"



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