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John Pearse® Acoustic Guitar Pure Nickel Wound, .013 - .057, 980M

John Pearse® Acoustic Guitar Pure Nickel Wound, .013 - .057, 980M
John Pearse
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By G
Finally found the strings for my resonator
October 13, 2022
Always been a fan of John Pearse strings. The Nickel wound are the perfect string for my resonator, especially when I plug in for dirty blues tones.
By Steven
Tucson, AZ
Very Nice
August 2, 2022
i definitely prefer these JP Pure Nickel over any Phosphor Bronze strings I've used on my Blueridge BR-143A
By Peter
Great, but wish they made a heavy-gauge set
October 28, 2020
I put these on my 1947 Gibson L7. I got the guitar about 2 years ago and I've experimented with lots of strings, several brands, several compositions (nickel, phosphor bronze, 80/20 bronze), several gauges (well, medium and heavy).

This medium-gauge, nickel, acoustic Pearse set is the best yet.

Strings 3,4,5 are perfect, but for a balanced sound, I felt I needed heavier strings for the B and high E strings. So I took an .014 and an .018 from a D'Addario heavy-gauge set that I had lying around and used them to replace the .013 and .017 from the Pearse set. It was a great improvement. (I wouldn't expect the unwound strings to differ much from brand to brand).

That leaves the low E, which sounds a bit dull. I'm going to see whether maybe the notch on the bridge needs to be widened a bit to accommodate the .057, but if that's not the problem, I'll probably try to go up to a .059 for that string.

In any case, I've asked customerservice@juststrings.com how I can order custom sets.

I'm going to stick to Pearse for all my acoustic guitars, since they're the best I've found for my D28 as well. I have been using Pearse phosphor bronze on that guitar, but seeing in other reviews of these strings that some love them on Martins, I'm going to try a set of these strings in a pure medium gauge on that guitar.
By Eric
Austin, TX
January 25, 2019
I own multiple vintage Gibson guitars. Multi banner Gibsons, 50s SJ, etc. I also make guitars, mostly to get that Gibson acoustic sound.

These strings bring out that Gibson sound better than any other string made. I've tried them all (DAD_J22 (listed electric but great acoustic), DAD_EPN22 (listed electric but great acoustic), CMF_MTR13, etc) . The closest I used to run was the Gibson Mono-Steel before they quit making them. I believe these John Pearse Nickels beat the sound of the Mono-Steel. They hold that big fat sound.
  • All pro
By Jim
Great strings!
September 1, 2017
These strings really brought out
the best sounds from my '57 D 18.
By Borderless
Great woody tone for an E10D
June 10, 2012
I have been searching for strings to accompany my Eastman E10D. Phosphorus Bronze, while somewhat warm, tend to have too much of a metallic like aftertaste. Bronze 80/20 do have a fundamental tone but I found them slightly too bright and colorful. These 980M's bring out a strong, warm, woody, fundamental tone that the E10D was lacking with other non nickel strings. I find the tone quite vintage.
By Elijah
john pearse nickel wound
May 11, 2012
I just put a set of the .13-.57's on my merrill c-28 brazilian and they sound great. Noticeably less tension than phosphor bronze medium strings and no loss of volume for me - my new favorite.
By Patrick
Very Cool
September 5, 2010
I usually use D'Addario bluegrass strings, but decided to try something very different: these pure nickel strings.

The feel is sorta of like electric strings, lower tension and easier to play...and the tone on my guitar took a bit for me to adjust to, but it's a great sound.

Not sure if I'll stick with them, but glad I checked them out!
By James
980M Pearse Strings
June 29, 2010
Best Bluegrass strings on the planet. You hear the sound of the wood, not the strings. They are pretty close to the old Black Diamond strings.
By Ralph S.
John Pearse® Acoustic Guitar Pure Nickel Wound, .013 - .057, 980M
March 2, 2010
Ok, I give up. I've tried a hell of a lot of strings on my Nationals: D'Addario, Martin, GHS, Newtone, National, Pyramid (acoustic and electric), Thomastic, Elixir ... The list goes on. They're all good, some better than others. But These are the best so far for my money. They were the first ones I tried and I keep coming back to them. Full rich sound. They fret well and are fabulous for slide. I'm sure I'll keep wandering, but I hope I keep coming back.
By Dennis M.
John Pearse Pure Nickle Acoustics
August 31, 2009
These are simply the best strings I've ever used on mahogany and/or maple bodied acoustics. Not only do they give the guitar an "instant vintage" tone, but they last about 3 times as long as 80/20s or phosphor bronze. They're very transparent and they allow you to hear the pure wood tones of the instrument, without the annoying metallic buzz of bronzed strings. As a bonus, they exert slightly less tension than 80/20s or PBs, and are much easier to play.






1st E

Silvered Plain



2nd B

Silvered Plain



3rd G

Pure Nickel Wound



4th D

Pure Nickel Wound



5th A

Pure Nickel Wound



6th E

Pure Nickel Wound



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