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John Pearse® Acoustic Six String Guitar Phosphor Bronze Medium Gauge, .013 - .056, 700M

John Pearse® Acoustic Six String Guitar Phosphor Bronze Medium Gauge, .013 - .056, 700M
John Pearse
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By Steve
Phoenix, AZ
Pearse is my go-to strings
May 22, 2021
Every guitar has its own unique sound and different brands of strings will bring its own personality to the party. Then there is the tone the player himself is seeking. I have experimented with many different string brands for my Taylor acoustic. To my ears, John Pearse strings sound the best on it.
By Austin
Great Strings, Great Shopping Experience
May 6, 2021
I used to use John Pearse on my Martin DCPA4 Rosewood, but then all the local stores stopped carrying them. Even other online retailers did not have them. So, I switched to Martin Retro's and Martin Marquis. Fine strings, but nothing like John Pearse. I was happy to find these on juststrings, I ordered two packs and they even sent me some guitar picks! Always great to have extra. I will be ordering through here again.
By James
Yankton, South Dakota
March 3, 2021
Absolutely fantastic tone and play-ability on my Gibson J-150. I was using Martin SP Mediums for years and still think those sound nice but these are on another level entirely.

Grateful to have had these come across my radar and give them a try. I am sold and will be using them as my go-to's for the foreseeable future.
By Skip
Great strings
February 6, 2021
Great strings,went with 13s, the gauge difference through all six strings especially the D string was impressive,much different from the 11s Im used to. Great tone
Comfortable no tone issues None
By Steve B.
John Pearse Phosphor Bronze Medium
July 19, 2016
Outstanding strings. I used D'Angelico Phosphor Bronze strings for decades and considered them the best of all for brilliance and volume. Alas, they became hard to find and eventually they disappeared from even Just Strings. These John Pearse are near equals and are now my go to brand.
By Mack
Great Strings
June 13, 2016
These are the perfect mate for my Martin HD-28. Great balanced sound.
By P M.
John Pearse Strings
March 4, 2012
I think I have tried most of the strings out there. I can honestly say that these strings are nothing short of awesome! And JustStrings has the best price.
By Lowell
October 20, 2011
I think the John Pearse Mando and Guitar Strings are the best strings on the market for tone, quality, and price. They seem to last longer than most of the other phosphor bronze and bronze strings but they are cheaper than the coated strings like Elixer. I also seem to have less breaks than some of the cheaper strings out there.
By Paul M.
John Pearse Phosphor Bronze Medium
September 10, 2011
I've been using these strings for nearly 20 years. They are durable, reliable and make my Martin D-18GE and Collings CJ sing. The only sting I use.
By Roy P.
John Pearse strings
August 3, 2011
The only brand I use on my acoustic. Strong, great tone, works well in standard tuning as well as many alternate tunings. Handles temperature changes extraordinarily well. They have a much better feel than any coated string I've tried.
By Kat E.
John Pearce strings
July 5, 2011
Better quality bronze, better sound that lasts a long time. My favorite strings.
By Larry H.
John Pearse Acoustic Strings
April 18, 2011
After using xxx brand for so many years, switched to John Pearse brand on my Taylor 414 and was pleasantly surprised with the warmer, tonal difference. Made my day!!
By Kit J.
John Pearce acoustic strings
February 3, 2011
I've used these strings for about 15 years now, by far my favorites, they just keep on sounding great.
By Scott
December 11, 2010
When I first tried these strings, due to so many high recommendations, I truly thought I had found "the" string! But, 24 hours later they were dead. I tried three sets just to make sure I didnt get a strange set, but they all did the same thing. In the end I preferred EXP17 and Martin M550 for my D-18 Authentic.
By Marcus D.
John Pearce acoustic strings
October 15, 2010
Far superior to any strings I have used the past 35 years. The phosphorus bronze med gauge on my D-50 Larrivee just sing. These strings also last over twice as long as most others. I m a 12 year user and have shared these strings with my Martin wielding friends. They love em too.
By Alan R.
John Pearse Phosphor Bronze Strings
October 14, 2010
The ring and texture of these strings, plus their endurance, equals any other string I've used. I'm amazed at the sound over and over again. Doing business with Just Strings and having John Pearse strings available makes things so much simpler and better with my music making!
By Lynne P.
John Pearse Bronze Medium strings
September 22, 2010
I've been using the Pearse strings on my Martins for a while now -- they sound great - crisp and bright. My local music shop doesn't stock 'em - so it's great being able to get them at a great price so quickly from Juststrings.Com.

By Greg A.
John Pearse Strings
July 15, 2010
I received my first set of John Pearse strings from John himself as a gift after he heard me play my custom made Larry Sifel guitar at Summerfolk in Owen Sound, Ontario in 1985. That first set lasted a whole month of gigs! I have never used any other strings since then unless I was in desperate need and couldn't get my 700Ms. They are the best for me. When I have had to use others, I just could not wait to change back to my Pearse Phosphors. Now John is gone, but his strings carry on. Thanks to Mary Faith Rhodes and JustStrings.com.
By Lauren F.
Best Strings!
April 26, 2010
The best strings I've found for guitarists that use multiple tunings during a set.

Great balanced sound. I've used these strings for over 10 years.
By Jack C.
Great Strings
April 18, 2010
Great for any guitar but especially crisp and balanced on my HD35 Martin. I use these strings exclusively.
By Joe B.
John Pearse Acc. 6 string Phos/Bronze
February 13, 2010
By wendy
john pearse acoustic medium gauge pb
November 4, 2009
Love these strings! I have an ovation acoustic electric that I purchased in 1983. These strings with the wonderful sound of the guitar is an awesome mix. This guitar is supposed to use a light gauge but mine will not stay in tune with those. I put these on .... tune it and it stays in tune. I can put it away for a number of days, pull it out of the case and I'm still in tune. Love these strings!






1st E

Silvered Plain



2nd B

Silvered Plain



3rd G

Phosphor Bronze Wound



4th D

Phosphor Bronze Wound



5th A

Phosphor Bronze Wound



6th E

Phosphor Bronze Wound




John PearseÒ Strings

"English studio musician John Pearse first began researching into music string manufacture in the mid-sixties. The first person, ever, to teach guitar on television - his BBC lessons have been seen in six countries while his PBS series, STRINGALONG, was shown in most US television markets whilst becoming perhaps the best selling video guitar course both nationally and internationally. He is the author of some forty books on such diverse subjects as instrument building and technique- to cooking and the traditional art of fly fishing! In 1965 John began his collaboration with British Music Strings, a London string maker, to develop a guitar string with both a longer life and a more accurate vibrating and nodal pattern. His designs were so successful that, over the years, both British Music Strings and Thomastik marketed strings under his name. John also designed string lines for Bourne Guitars and Jay Associates, makers of the Jester guitar line.

In 1978 he came to the United States to develop a unique line of accessories for the C.F.Martin Company. It was here that he again met dulcimist Mary Faith Rhoads. After eighteen months, he decided to leave Martin, and, with Mary Faith, started Breezy Ridge Instruments to produce the Breezy Ridge Hammer Dulcimer. His revolutionary design proved itself to be the best sounding Hammer Dulcimer ever made. Next came a line of music strings designed especially for the professional musician. Within months, word of these exciting strings had spread across the country and pressure from both the public and beleaguered dealers had persuaded John and Mary Faith to make their line available to stores and things have just kept growing since then!"



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