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John Pearse® Acoustic Six String Guitar Phosphor Bronze & Silk Light/Medium, .012 - .053, 610LM

John Pearse® Acoustic Six String Guitar Phosphor Bronze & Silk Light/Medium, .012 - .053, 610LM
John Pearse
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By Steve Oromaner
November 15, 2018
The best i have ever used!!
I am not young anymore and don't have the strength in my hands anymore. I have switched some time ago to a light gauge string. I have tried many different brands at a tremendous cost over the years. I am so happy to have found these strings!! Obviously, a light gauge string, isn't going to move the top of the guitar as a medium gauge, but everything is a trade off in life. These strings feel so soft. They are unlike any string that I have ever used. They have a mellow tone and make chording easy again. I highly recommend these strings to anyone that is looking for great tone and ease of playing and decent life span!!!
By Joe
November 9, 2018
Not great for folk fingerpicking
These sound OUTSTANDING for anything using a pick, but for fingerpicking the bass is much too diffuse and weak. In recordings you don't hear any clarity in the low end which is really important for that style of music.

If all you do is strumming though, definitely give em a go!!
By Aaron
August 23, 2012
Great Strings
Nice feel - less tension than regular strings. The steel is apparently annealed more than regular string makers. This also helps the plain strings feel easier on the fingers. It does slightly change the tone. They have a little more "sizzle" on the high B and E, which some may enjoy and others may not.
By Jay Stotesbery
July 29, 2012
John Pearse Phospher Bronze and Silk
I ordered these after reading the promo and other reviews. I have a Taylor 910 that is a fantastic guitar, but every now and then it's a little bright.

The service was great from Just Strings and I put them on the Taylor within minutes of arrival.

From the first strum, these are absolutely the best sounding strings I have ever played. The guitar kept all the clarity and depth but lost the high end chatter.

These strings are, without a doubt, the single most significant improvement in tone I have heard in over 40 years of playing acoustic guitar!
By Borderless
June 28, 2012
JP Silk and Bronze
These strings have a very smooth and warm sound with great depth. I have them on an Eastman E10D.
By Bill Hettick
July 13, 2011
I am using the Light .011 and like them very much. I have not strung the Light/Mediums. The Light's I would give a 4-star... Maybe a 5 after I assess the durability.
By Rob Grana
April 16, 2011
The above
My instructor recommended these and are nothing but great. They are on a "James Goodall" for those who know him, but this instrument never sounded better. No turning back now!
By Jim Graves
February 9, 2011
John Pearse® Acoustic Six String Guitar Phosphor Bronze & Silk Light/Medium, .012 - .053, 610LM
Nice. Will continue to use them.
By robert Gilfert
January 13, 2011
product review
Love this product. I'm totally satisfied.
By twistedlim
January 14, 2010
John Pearse® Acoustic Six String Guitar Phosphor Bronze & Silk Light/Medium, .012 - .053, 610LM
They start out with a pretty strong phospher bronze sound and really settle into a nice even mellow sound after a day or two. I have had them on for 3 weeks and like them a lot. They are a bit softer to the touch which makes them very comfortable to play. Like any string they respond better on some guitars than others but for my Adamas which has a very light sensitive top they sound fantastic.
By Gilfert
December 14, 2009
Glad I found this product. Will be using on my Acoustics from now on.






1st E

Silvered Plain



2nd B

Silvered Plain



3rd G

Phosphor Bronze & Silk



4th D

Phosphor Bronze & Silk



5th A

Phosphor Bronze & Silk



6th E

Phosphor Bronze & Silk




The New John Pearse® #510L & #610LM SILKS

The exciting new SILKS sets mark a departure from orthodox acoustic string design. Formulated for the electric guitarist who doubles on acoustic, this set features a never before possible "playing ease" tension married with the warmth and projection for which our acoustic strings are famous. Our triple annealed mild steel is pulled through a draw plate to make an extra skinny core. Onto this is wound a silk multifilament which cushions a phospor bronze winding. This is NOT a silk and steel set. The natural edginess of the phosphor bronze winding is tempered by the silk cushion to produce a tone that studio players everywhere are likening to our 80/20 bronze sets after they have been played in. Steve Sheehan, lead guitarist with the Judds, asked us to make this set. Guitarists all over America are thanking him!

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