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John Pearse® Baritone Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Bronze, .015 - .068, 3260L

John Pearse® Baritone Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Bronze, .015 - .068, 3260L
John Pearse
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By george s.
Blue Ridge, Ga.
"Chicken Lips", Finally!
July 3, 2021
Had to turn over many "ROCKS" to get ALL the actual INDIVIDUAL string gauges, and FINALLY found them, courteously given only here in the reviews!! Just WHY is that, I wonder? Here they are AGAIN--- .015/.022/.030/.043/.054 and .068! As a Luthier, my customer busted the 4th string, and foolishly pitched it out, so I would prefer to replace the 4th string with the proper gauge recommended. This data shouldn't be as findable as "Chicken Lips"!
ProsGreat Strings/Great price!
ConsALL individual gauges are NOT given!!!
By Charlie
Great strings
May 22, 2021
I play an Avante baritone acoustic, I usually tune standard, but up a half step, so C to C. The John Pearse light baritone strings are the only ones I’ve found that give me proper tension and even response. Just Strings is the only place that seems to have them in stock, thanks guys and gals.
By David
Simply the best
October 15, 2020
These are among the finest strings I've ever used. Great tone, long lasting, durable and well made. They're my go-go strings for my baritone guitar.
ProsGreat tone Durable
ConsThe low B is a bit tough to wind
By TR K.
Swisshome, OR
Absolutely excellent!
November 28, 2019
First, some context: I am a bass player first and foremost. Big strings and long scale are not a jump up for me, so bear that in mind when reading this review. (.125-.45 on a 35-inch scale fretless)
BUT - I play baritone guitar when i am fronting my power duo (baritone & drums) A 30-inch scale Danelectro has been my main axe for years. Always wanted an acoustic version of a baritone, but nothing available in my sub $1000 price range at that time.

I just recently lucked into an affordable (barely used) acoustic baritone, a 28-inch scale jumbo-bodied Alvarez ABT610. No more trying to force a standard-size dreadnaught into tunings & gauges too low for the scale. I am extremely happy with the guitar, but whatever strings the previous owner had installed were unpleasant to the ear and to the hand.

No acoustic baritone strings to be found anywhere in my town, so I ordered a few different types from Just Strings, along with some other strings for other axes. (love the 1-stop shopping aspect of JS)
Right out of the envelope, these John Pearse strings sound and feel amazing. After a 3 weeks of hard playing, they are still bright, supple and full of lovely harmonic overtones. I play several altered tunings, no strings have broken and they easily stay in tune, even when i really get thrashing (Clayton acetal picks, the 80 and .100 big triangles).
Tunings most used on this guitar with these strings AEAC#AE, AEADEA, ADGCEA, BEADF#B BEAD#F#B. Very happy. Ordering more sets of these strings today, working on recording a new album this winter off-grid in the desert.
Prosbeautiful tone, supple feel, staying bright through regular playing and altered tuning changes.
ConsNone found.
By John
John Pearse 3260L
December 31, 2015
These are great strings. I play finger-style. I do relatively complex arrangements. I have a Taylor Baritone 6 and these provide nuance and detail above and beyond anything else I have tried. These are like many other John Pearce products; that is, a cut above.
By Philip
July 16, 2014
They are good strings, balanced more from e to e than other brands. The wound .022 b string is extremely flat,while an unwound b will be intonated. I've tried this wound b and a few d'addarrio 80/20 bronze .022 strings.
By Brian
Good strings
November 7, 2013
Taylor actually recommends Elixir. They are not good for a Taylor. With the heavier sound, Elixir just ends up muffling everything due to their coating. These strings are far far better. As for the guy who said he would have preferred a lighter string...it's a baritone guitar, there are limits. If you want some super soft guitar strings, go get an electric.

As people say, there are limitations on options for Baritone guitar strings, which I don't like:
1 - E to B, the gauge is a bit of a jump, I personally would like something closer in size
2 - I love the wound F#. I would love a wound high B. The one included stands out too much for my taste (that being said, my guitar teacher really likes the sound).
By Chris c.
September 17, 2010
The gauges of this set are:

1st .015
2nd .022
3rd .030
4th .043
5th .054
6th .068
By Jacopo B.
A little help please?
September 16, 2010
Could anyone tell me what the string diameter of the 5th string is with these baritone strings? I presume it's around the .045 mark, but an exact figure would be much appreciated!
By Bruce M.
Baritone Strings
June 20, 2010
These are the best I've found. I'd actually prefer a little lighter, but there's not much choice in Baritone Strings. There may also be physical limits. Perhaps any lighter and they would buzz.
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