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John Pearse® Acoustic Guitar Six String Silvered Steel Nuage/Silver Plated Copper Wound, Silk Wrapped Light/Medium, .011 - .046, 'Guitare Manouche' , 2810LM

John Pearse® Acoustic Guitar Six String Silvered Steel Nuage/Silver Plated Copper Wound, Silk Wrapped Light/Medium, .011 - .046, 'Guitare Manouche' , 2810LM
John Pearse
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By Wayne
Best got even better
May 10, 2021
I was already a believer in the quality of John Pearse strings, but these Nuages strings are even better. They are now my go-to strings.
Great sound and better action. None found.
By Norman B.
Fort Mill SC
November 8, 2019
Real nice strings cool new mellow sound. Great playing, sounding and stay in tune.
By John
September 10, 2015
Play these on an Alvarez Yairi cutaway that really makes the guitar sing while plugged in. Jazzy when you want it to be, easy to bend... helps me play the acoustic like a hollow body jazz guitar or can rock it like an electric (help by the greats electronics in the Yairi). Enjoy playing with them!
By David
Just Right
September 23, 2012
I feel a bit like Goldie Locks in search of the right silk and steel strings. I tried the Martin and while they played nice and were easy on the fingers, both the E and the B strings was too light and twangy for my taste. After that I thought I needed something a little more stiff, so I picked up a set of Medium Earthwood silk and steel. Those were really still after playing the Martins. The Earthwoods started out extremely bright, but settled into a beautiful tone for about two weeks. Unfortunately, at about the third week they just died and the sound was dull and uninteresting.

At the time, I was sure I would never find the right strings, but I read a cool review on the Nuages, so I thought I would give them a try. I am hooked. Somehow, they manage to be both mellow and yet have a beautiful bright sound at the same time. The high strings, while similar to the Martins play clean, and the chords have a warm tone that I have not heard in the other strings. Additionally, I have had them on my guitar a month so far and they still sound great. I have found my strings.

Just right...
By Cabin
May 10, 2011
I love these strings. I stumbled on using Gypsy Jazz Strings on a standard acoustic/electric (rosewood/cedar) strictly by accident, but what a pleasant surprise. The strings must have a little less tension than bronze and the silver might be a bit softer, because they make it a lot easier to play fingerstyle. There's a little loss of brightness and sustain, but that can actually help de-mud a lot of fingerstyle pieces, and brightness and sustain weren't big issues with a cedar-top anyway.

They're also surprisingly pleasant to strum, if you hit them very softly with a light pick. It creates a light percussive sound with a little bit of tone, which I've come to call the Soft Silver Sound.

No idea of how well they age or last yet, but I think I'm onto something !

(P.S. -- I love that microfiber cloth you put in with the first shipment.)
By Ward E.
October 13, 2010
Best strings I have ever used by far. no screeching what so ever. great for finger picking and slap style. Ive had them on my guitar for over 3 months and they still sound great.
By Frederic B.
May 24, 2010
The Nuage are all they are supposed to be. I read a note in Harmony Central raving about the change the Nuages made in his Jango guitar, and decided to try them on my 1952 Kay archtop. A transformation in the sound, and they play like dreams. I am putting a pickup on this guitar, and I imagine that the silver wound will react better than the bronze (we will have to hear). Anyway, I am very pleased with the Nuage Light Mediums.






1st G

Silvered Plain



2nd E

Silvered Plain



3rd A

Silver Plated Copper Wound on Silk



4th D

Silver Plated Copper Wound on Silk



5th G

Silver Plated Copper Wound on Silk



6th C

Silver Plated Copper Wound on Silk



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