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John Pearse® Acoustic Six String Guitar 80/20 Bronze Light Gauge, .012 - .053, 200L

John Pearse® Acoustic Six String Guitar 80/20 Bronze Light Gauge, .012 - .053, 200L
John Pearse
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By Roberto
April 17, 2017
John Pearse 80/20--perfect
A string that, after 24 hours of settling in sounds warm and sweet without any of the brittle bite of most other strings. This tone just remains for weeks upon weeks. If you are after a musical tone in which the strings support one another rather than compete, this is your string.
By Alan Lebov
June 18, 2015
Just like the good old days!
Ever wonder why your guitar never has the sweet woody sounds like the old recordings of Simon and Garfunkel, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, Harry Chapin, Gordon Lightfoot, Arlo Guthrie, or the Grateful Dead? It's because NONE of those artists used phosphor bronze strings for their recordings (and definitely no coated strings either)!

No they used 80/20's to get their amazing sounds, and John Pearce makes the best 80/20 strings in the world!

Bright and sparkling when first put on your guitar, and then within a week they mellow to warm and clear perfection. And then that sound lasts and last.

Try these strings. Give them 2 weeks and you'll be hooked on them for a lifetime!
By Paul L
June 3, 2011
Always works!
I've tried everything and I keep coming back to this string. I even like it better than the "true light" Pearse strings because they are just the right tension for open and drop tuning, and are useful over a whole range of guitars. They are somewhere between "light" and "medium" gauge strings. These are the standard for my acoustics!
By Rod Smith
May 11, 2011
Great Acoustic Strings
I have been using John Pearse strings since they were introduced to me by my guitar instructor over 10 years ago. While I prefer the medium gauge for most playing, the "lights" are a lot of fun to bend!
By Greg J
May 7, 2011
My Favorite Strings
In my opinion, absolute best strings available (I've tried many over 45 years). I use 80/20 Bronze on my Larrivee Dreadnaught (last 20 yrs) and Phosphor Bronze on my Larrivee-bodied Larrivee (last 20 yrs) and on a 1974 Alvarez-Yairi and 1910 Gibson Parlor Guitar. (All "light" guage .012 e-string). The closest runner-up was Martin Marquis for the Alvarez-Yairi, but nothing other than John Pearse for the other guitars.
By Russell
May 19, 2010
Strings and Service
Awesome strings & awesome service from juststrings.com!
By Robert Greer
February 27, 2010
awsome strings
Without a doubt the best string i have ever put on any of my guitars, acoustic or electric.
By Bob Prince
February 19, 2010
Pearse 80/20 Bronze Light Gauge Strings
I love these strings. They capture and create the full tonal spectrum of my steel string guitars better than any I've tried to date...and there are some very good ones out there.

I started using them when I asked the folks at National which strings they preferred for their resos. I've got a Radiotone reissue that's nice 'n nasty. They told me they'd been using these 80/20s for years.

I gave 'em a shot. Completely hooked. Then I slapped 'em onto my Martin OM-21 and was suitably blown away there, too.

Highly recommended. And they last a long time, too...nice perc.
By David Sizemore
January 1, 2010
Some of the best
I have used these strings for years. I have tried others but always come back to John Pearse® Acoustic Six String Guitar 80/20 Bronze Light Gauge Strings
By David
December 1, 2009
John Pearse 200L
My favorite acoustic strings! They sound great and last a long time on my Martin D-28.






1st E

Silvered Plain



2nd B

Silvered Plain



3rd G

80/20 Bronze Wound



4th D

80/20 Bronze Wound



5th A

80/20 Bronze Wound



6th E

80/20 Bronze Wound




John PearseÒ Strings

"English studio musician John Pearse first began researching into music string manufacture in the mid-sixties. The first person, ever, to teach guitar on television - his BBC lessons have been seen in six countries while his PBS series, STRINGALONG, was shown in most US television markets whilst becoming perhaps the best selling video guitar course both nationally and internationally. He is the author of some forty books on such diverse subjects as instrument building and technique- to cooking and the traditional art of fly fishing! In 1965 John began his collaboration with British Music Strings, a London string maker, to develop a guitar string with both a longer life and a more accurate vibrating and nodal pattern. His designs were so successful that, over the years, both British Music Strings and Thomastik marketed strings under his name. John also designed string lines for Bourne Guitars and Jay Associates, makers of the Jester guitar line.

In 1978 he came to the United States to develop a unique line of accessories for the C.F.Martin Company. It was here that he again met dulcimist Mary Faith Rhoads. After eighteen months, he decided to leave Martin, and, with Mary Faith, started Breezy Ridge Instruments to produce the Breezy Ridge Hammer Dulcimer. His revolutionary design proved itself to be the best sounding Hammer Dulcimer ever made. Next came a line of music strings designed especially for the professional musician. Within months, word of these exciting strings had spread across the country and pressure from both the public and beleaguered dealers had persuaded John and Mary Faith to make their line available to stores and things have just kept growing since then!"



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