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John Pearse® Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings

John Pearse offers five 12 string sets. They are available in silvered plain steel strings with 80/20 bronze wound or phosphor bronze wound strings, in light and heavy gauges. C# tuning is offered in phosphor bronze or 80/20 bronze.

The exclusive John Pearse silk and phosphor bronze set (1410) was developed for extra playing ease with the same warmth and projection of all John Pearse strings. The super thin core is produced with triple annealed mild steel with a silk multifilament cushioning the phosphor bronze winding. The silk cushion softens the phosphor bronze making these sets great for studio players. These strings were formulated with the cooperation of Steve Sheehan, lead guitarist for the Judds. A player of this set says, “These strings will lift a mediocre guitar to goodness, and a good guitar to greatness. They manage to be both warm and bright, really letting the 12 string ring out as it is designed to do.”

A customer who uses the 80/20 bronze, light gauge set states, “Not only do they last, but also never get out of tune. They get a gutsy blues tone as well as a soft ballad/folk/country sustain.”

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