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John Pearse Loop End Single Strings

John Pearse’s Loop End Plain Steel single strings are a value and convenience for any level of guitar player. If a string pops or the intonation of your high-end strings begins to dull, you can be prepared with these plain steel strings. Everyone pops a high E or B string before a fresh string change is needed. John Pearse loop end single strings come in gauges .009-.16 and offer the balanced, naturally mellow and crisp tone that John Pearse plain steel strings are known for. With single loop end strings for guitar, there’s no need to break up your full set of John Pearse strings to replace a broken string. Nor do you need to suffer through dull high-end strings. You are prepared with loop end plain steel single strings, which are always guaranteed fresh. Single strings are notoriously hard to ship because of their simpler, less protective packaging, but John Pearse loop end single strings are shipped in acid-free paper envelopes that absorb transient moisture and inhibit corrosion. For bulk strings, see our Bulk String selection.
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