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John Pearse® Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar Strings

We carry a variety of steel guitar strings. John Pearse offers both phosphor bronze acoustic lap steel guitar strings for Weissenborn style lap steel guitars in G, High bass G and D tunings, as well as nickel plated steel lap steel electric stings for electric lap steel guitars in Am, Am6, Am7, C7, and C6 tunings. 

John Pearse guitar strings are good for any style of lap steel guitar playing.  Pearse's Weissenborn sets are designed to bring out the best in your instrument.  John Pearse uses a phosphor bronze wrap wire on their Wiessenborn Hawaiian lap steel guitar strings.  Phosphor bronze gives a warm clear tone that does not fade and lose its brightness as fast as traditional 80/20 bronze. John Pearse Weissenborn steel guitar strings are available in a variety of gauges to suit your playing style.

John Pearse electric lap steel guitar strings are designed to provide you with maximum performance from your electric lap steel guitar.  They feature a nickel plated steel wrap wire which will give you brilliant, clear tone.  Nickel plated steel is also easier on fingers and hands than stainless steel, which some other manufacturers use.

Lap steel guitar strings are typically much heavier in gauge than regular acoustic or electric guitar strings. John Pearse guitar strings are available in sets ranging from .011 - .056 for their electric eight string c6 set to .017 - .068 for Weissenborn D tuning set. The heavier gauges allow the strings to hold up under the tremendous tension involved with many open steel guitar tunings.

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