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John Pearse Guitar Single Strings

Founded by folk guitarist John Pearse, Breezy Ridge Instruments is a company that caters to guitarists' needs. John Pearse began his string-making career in the 1960s. He taught guitar on television and wrote books about building instruments. In collaboration with British Music Strings, the company developed their line of John Pearse Strings specifically to meet the demands of his fellow musicians. They place a special emphasis on greater accuracy and longer life. Their strings are available with different wrapping materials and in many gauges. Guitarists with a wide range of playing styles and needs can find just what they're looking for. We offer John Pearse guitar single strings for maximum flexibility and convenience. Find a replacement for a broken string, or build your own custom set. With our great prices, you can afford to experiment. We have the Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Bronze strings in gauges from .022 to .058. The wire wrap is 80 percent copper with 20 percent zinc added to make the material stronger. These strings all have ball ends. The nickel wound strings for acoustic guitars come in a wide range of .020-.080 gauges, also with ball ends. The nickel-plated steel winding gives the strings a long-lasting, bright tone. The John Pearse Nuages are silver coated steel wrapped cores for the .011 string, and silver-plated copper wrapped for the .023 and .029 gauge sizes. For the phosphor bronze single strings, the bronze provides a bright tonal quality, while the addition of phosphor adds to the string's lifespan, preserving its tone for a longer period of time. There's also less pick noise with these strings. Our phosphor bronze wound strings are available in .020-.066 gauges. We also have phosphor bronze double wound single strings in gauge sizes from .068 to .076. For those looking for lighter gauge basic strings, we also carry John Pearse's plain steel strings with ball ends. We have these strings in gauges .008-.026.
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