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John Pearse® Electric Guitar Strings

John Pearse electric guitar strings are the result of years of research and development in a quest to manufacture a string with a more accurate vibration. Music educator and guitarist John Pearse founded his own company, Breezy Ridge Instruments, dedicated to producing high performance strings for fellow musicians. We offer their nickel wound sets in different gauges, including the Super EZ Bend and EZ Bend Plus, EZ Bend Country and Acoustic/Electric Nickel Wound Jazz, in regular, light, medium and swing varieties. The 2920 set includes the extra long D string that is required for specific guitar tailpieces. Their 2610 Electric Straights are pure nickel wound strings that provide a smooth feel and warm tone with rich harmonics. Our customers report a smooth feel, clear highs, long lasting vintage tone and comfortable playing. Try John Pearse electric strings for a great sound and long life.
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