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John Pearse® Classical Guitar Strings

“These are outstanding! The tone is bright, clear, and project better than anything that I have used on a classical guitar. This is a premium quality product,” reports a John Pearse/Thomastik (THO) set player.

John Pearse offers three classical sets. The THO set has all wound strings. The trebles are nylon flat wound on a steel core and the basses are silverplated bronze round wound on a nylon core. These are the strings that established John Pearse’s reputation as an innovator of excellent strings. They are known for the clarity, projection and volume of steel strings but with significantly less tension. An enthusiastic player says of this set, “For classical, flamenco, folk, & popular styles of music these are the most amazing treble strings out there. Yes, they are bright, but that's what makes them so versatile.”

The 1100 and 1200 sets are more traditional, classical strings – nylon trebles and silverplated wound basses. “The basses resonate and the trebles are clear and smooth,” is the opinion of a 1100 classical set player.

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