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John Pearse® Banjo Strings

John Pearse® Banjo 5 String Nickel G Tuning, .010 - .022
Price: $4.90
Sale: $4.41
John Pearse® Banjo 5 String Nickel D Tuning, .012 - .024
Price: $6.14
Sale: $5.53
John Pearse® Tenor Banjo, .011 - .036
Price: $4.95
Sale: $4.46
John Pearse® Tenor Banjo, .012 - .036, 2005M
Price: $5.57
Sale: $5.01
John Pearse® Tenor Banjo, .012 - .038, 2010M
Price: $4.82
Sale: $4.34
John Pearse® Tenor Banjo, .013 - .040
Price: $5.57
Sale: $5.01
John Pearse® Tenor Banjo Custom, .013 - .040, 2025H
Price: $5.57
Sale: $5.01
John Pearse® Tenor Banjo, .012 - .036, 2030M
Price: $6.37
Sale: $5.73
John Pearse® Tenor Banjo, .013 - .040, 2035H
Price: $6.37
Sale: $5.73
“Pearse has the best extra long banjo strings ever,” reports by a long neck banjo player. The 80/20 and pure nickel five string sets are extra long scale. A number of players find them “bright and very durable”.

John Pearse offers 14 different banjo sets – three 5 string 80/20 bronze sets, four pure nickel 5 string sets and seven Irish tenor sets.

Two five string sets were developed with John Hartford gauging. The 1900 set is G tuning, and the 1950 set is D tuning. A 1900 set player says, “Warm with a lot of punch; even with only a .023 for the 4th string it has more growl with less tension.” A 1950 player states, “A great inexpensive string with lots of punch. These strings are well balanced and give the instrument a very 'plunky' buoyant tone that carries across the stage very well.”

“As a working session musician, I beat these strings to death at least twice a week. Warm tone, real punch and pretty long lasting (about 4 weeks by my estimate). For my Vega Style M, they are the strings to use!”

Irish Tenor banjo strings come in 80/20 bronze (light, medium and heavy) or pure nickel (medium or heavy). An Irish tenor banjo player using the 2020H set says, “I was looking for a string that would provide more tension and percussive "pop" when I really started getting into reels, hornpipes, and jigs. These strings not only perform well in this regard but stay in tune, rock solid. I would recommend this string and gauge for anyone playing traditional tunes, whether Irish or Americana fiddle tunes.” Another player says of the same set, “I really like these bronze wound strings, especially the fact that the 2nd string is wound. They have enough punch to come through in a session, and the bass strings have a nice growl. The only downside is that they perhaps don't last quite as long as some other strings -- but while they do . . . superb.”
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