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John Pearse® Acoustic Guitar Strings

John Pearse® Acoustic Guitar Strings:

“Best sounding, longest lasting,” states a player of John Pearse acoustic strings. John Pearse offers five series of acoustic guitar strings – 80/20 bronze, nickel, Nuage, phosphor bronze and silk/phosphor bronze.

80/20 bronze wound and silvered plain steel sets come in seven different gauge ranges from extra light to medium, including a bluegrass gauged set. “Without a doubt, the JP New Standard are my favorite, delivering that beautiful, fat and bright sound that sounds so good!” reports a happy customer playing the 150 set. Another adds of the 310 set, “These strings have perfectly even tension as Pearse claims. Perfect for fingerstyle. Excellent for standard tuning; they still work for drop tunings.”

The nickel series has three sets of pure nickel wound and silvered plain steel strings. A customer calls the 960 set, “Great sound, lower tension and make that wonderful fundamental tone.” Another says of the 980 set, “Best Bluegrass strings on the planet.” and “Not only do they give the guitar an ‘instant vintage’ tone, but they last about three times as long as 80/20’s or phosphor bronze.”

The Nuage series includes two sets developed particularly for the “Guitare Manouche’. They are silver-plated, copper wound, silk wrapped wound strings and silvered plain steel strings sets in both light and light/medium. “I love these strings…what a pleasant surprise. The strings must have a little less tension than bronze and the silver might be a bit softer, because they make it a lot easier to play fingerstyle. There's a little loss of brightness and sustain, but that can actually help de-mud a lot of fingerstyle pieces.”

Phosphor bronze sets are available in seven different sets from extra light to medium, plus one set in bluegrass gauging and another for slack key. The plain steel strings are silvered. A player reports, ““I have been amazed at the intonation and life of these strings. The second I put these on my Martin I knew I had found the ‘holy grail’ of tone.” Another says, “Perfect crispness and projection. Great for finger picking.”

Silk and phosphor bronze wound strings with silvered plain steels are offered in two gauge ranges – light and light medium. The extra thin core is produced with triple annealed mild steel with a silk multifilament cushioning the phosphor bronze winding. The silk cushion softens the phosphor bronze making these sets great for studio players. These strings were formulated with the cooperation of Steve Sheehan, lead guitarist for the Judds. A satisfied customer says, “From the first strum, these are absolutely the best sounding strings I have ever played. The guitar kept all the clarity and depth but lost the high end chatter. These strings are, without a doubt, the single most significant improvement in tone I have heard in over 40 years of playing acoustic guitar!”
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